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Updated on November 08, 2013
A.H. asks from Louisville, KY
7 answers

Does anyone know of good price comparisons of places like Trader Joe's, Wal-mart, Meijer, Kroger or asain food markets that you have noticed are better priced? My husband and I are wanting to do a juice fast to rid ourselves of toxins but just want good prices instead of paying more in one place where it's a better price elsewhere. I would love to go to Whole Foods or Freshmarket, but from what I've seen, it's very expensive. I do some organic fruits and vegetables but not all. Thank you!

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answers from Boston on

I would think that for a juice fast, organic produce is a requirement. Otherwise, you're defeating the purpose of removing toxins by then filling back up with more toxins, kwim? I know it's expensive but if you're going to put the time and effort into this, you want to do it right and have it actually work. No point in suffering through a juice fast if you're not going to accomplish your goals, right?

As for pricing...I think it's too highly local for me to give you any good info. Around here, there is a chain called Market Basket that is vastly less expensive than other grocery stores but I think they're just a New England thing.

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answers from Dallas on

I shop Market Street and Whole Foods. I know what I am getting when I shop at these reputable places. We also have Trader Joe's and I trust their products as well. My rule... you get what you pay for.

I despise Walmart and will go out of my way to avoid stepping foot on any type of property they own.

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answers from Huntington on

Try Bountiful Baskets ( I am pretty sure they have pickup locations in Kentucky now. This is a volunteer-run organization; you log on to their website on Monday mornings, place your order and pay with a credit card, then on Saturdays you show up at the site at your pickup time to get your order. This is basically the same stuff the grocery store orders- but you are splitting the contents of the truck between maybe 80 people so you get a great price. A basket (it is actually 2 small laundry baskets full of fruits and veggies) is about $16.00. You do not know for sure what the contents will be but it is generally what is in season. They also often do juice packs for $10.00 or so which generally is a bag of things like carrots, apples, lemon, ginger, beets, oranges, celery, etc.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have always had good luck at ALDI. (I think it is owned by Trader Joe's.)

The produce there has been reasonably priced, and good quality. The only thing to remember is that they don't take credit cards. Or at least they didn't the last time I was there.

Good luck with your fast! Hope it helps!

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answers from Seattle on

I didn't know you had Trader Joe's where you are. I thought it was just a west coast chain!

I think Trader Joe's would be your best bet for a few reasons. The prices are very reasonable, and in my opinion, the quality of the fruit and veggies are way better than anything that you would get at Wal-Mart.

If you want to do some research on price comparison, I suggest you go to the Consumer Report website and do some checking around. Consumer Report is a very reputable site and is unbiased on issues like this. Here's the website:

I'll be interested to see what others have to say.

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answers from Lexington on

I agree. You kinda have to do all organic or you're defeating the purpose. That said, we've seen the best prices at Meijer, or a Good Foods Co-op if you have one. Our WHole Foods is way overpriced and employees have admitted in the past that sometimes things are marked organic that aren't (Krogers does this as well).


answers from Houston on

Try a farmer's market.

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