Fruit Flies ---Ahhhh!

Updated on September 26, 2007
N.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am so grossed out. I had emptied the diaper pail about a week or two ago and I did not realize my husband who usually takes out the bags, left it kind of out of the way so I did not see it until now. For a few days I was noticing fruit flies in my kitchen on the main floor (this was on the 2nd floor) and I was wondering where they were coming from. Now I know. My husband took the bag out right away when he realized it was still in the house and I am still seeing a few of them here and there. My question is, once you get rid of the source where they are breeding do they leave or do they just continue to breed regardless? Since this was not provoked by fruit being out how do I get rid of them ---QUICK!

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies for all your great ideas. Thank goodness they seem to be going away. As soon as I got rid of their breeding source they stopped multiplying. I see one or two every day or two but nothing major anymore. Thanks and goodluck to all those of you still "hunting" as well.

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We have had lots of flies and here is how we got rid of them:

I took a shallow container - (like a Fage yogurt carton) put in about 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar (you can also use another sweet vinegar like red wine - apple worked really well for me) - and top it off with about a tablespoon of dish soap, cover tightly with plastic wrap and then poke hole in the wrap. The flies are attracted to this because it smells like rotting / ripe fruit - they get trapped and meet their end. To ensure you get all the flies make sure your kitchen is as clear of dirty dishes, food left out, garbage, etc.

The first time I did this I got more than 10 flies overnight - we have none now, I saw one the other day after coming home with groceries, put out the trap and got it within hours!

Good luck - - or should I say "happy hunting"...


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check this out

we had the problem too but it went away when i found an errant banana behind the bread bin. Took a few days though. Looks like most ways to get rid of them immediately are chemical-based, if you are not a chem/poison person, if you can manage to keep the drain traps cleaned (i use vinegar and baking soda to clean mine) that will work too. We stopped using our diaper genie bec of the fly problem, now we wrap them in individual target bags and toss outside at the end of the day. It's a pain, but the probs/smells that go w/ a dirty diaper are too gross :) Good luck!

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put out a`glass of wine and they will have a happy end

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thanks for the tips! must be the time of year... we have brought in tomatoes from the garden.
I also have read leaving out vegetable oil in a shallow dish. I'm going to try the scented vinegar/plastic wrap.

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We are having the same problem, but we don't really know where they are coming from! We have no fruit out, the garbage has been taken out several times... We think it might be the drain, but we're just not sure. I keep pouring bleach down the drains, and so far it seems to be helping somewhat. This sounds counterproductive, but you could try taking a banana, after washing it in soap and water (because the eggs are on it when you bring it home from the store, ewww), and opening it a little and let the flies come to the banana, and you can try killing them when they get there. Tedious job, I know, but I haven't found another way of killing them other than chasing them around! GOOD LUCK!

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