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J.H. asks from Irving, TX
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Hi Moms,

Okay we really need to get on the ball with eating more fruit! I'm a little "afraid" of fruit though. Not in the weird phobia sense, but I'm afraid it's spoiled or rotten and I can't tell what is good and what is bad.

I LOVE strawberries, but I never buy them because some look dark, bruised, or pink or mushy. They sell them in bunches so I can never tell which bunches have "ugly" ones.

I don't like raspberries because they have little hairs on them.
I can't tell what a good blueberry looks like.
I don't like biting apples.

Also, I can never tell what is in season and what isn't. I like the way the fruit tastes but I just can't tell what is good and what is bad?

Also, I don't eat fruit from restaurants or anything. Only family gatherings or my own.
I know I seem really lame, but does anyone have an easy guide to buying preparing and eating fruit?

One other thing I forgot to mention, the baby eats a lot of fruit. He eats apple sauce (no sugar added) and canned peaches and sometimes still takes the gerber level 3 fruit. I tried buying him real bananas, but he prefers the baby food version. Some of them have the DHA & ARA. He'll still eat that....

I'm more or less asking for my husband and me. :o)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for all of your helpful, "healthful" suggestions! :o)
I was reminded by my sister about my mom taking me to the Farmers Market to pick fresh fruit. I did not realize that is where I was! We did that and we did have so much fun! You can actually pick each strawberry that you want instead of buying a package of "unknown" berries! You are right the farmers were very helpful and knowledgable. We had so much fun. I can't wait to go again.

I was nervous about receiving some ridicule from my post or at least one good scolding, but I was pleasantly surprised to know that there are many others that are just as "silly" (my dad would say) about things as I. Thanks for all of your help!

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answers from Dallas on

I have to agree with Erin. I went to the Farmer's Market for the first time 2 weekends ago and we had so much fun. The farmers have an honesty policy and they didn't mind telling us what really wasn't in season or wasn't sweet before we decided to buy something bad. Plus you can't beat the price. Most fruits were $2 or $3 for a basket! The people were really friendly and they can help you pick the best fruit.

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answers from Tyler on

I use frozen blueberries in my cereal and they are always perfect! My grandchildren also eat them as a snack--still frozen. Frozen strawberries, not the ones packed with sugar, but the individually frozen are always good, too. I was years trying a pineapple, but visited Hawaii and fell in love with them. I learned what to look for and love fresh pineapple. There are also vitamins called "Juice Plus" that gives you everything you'd ever need in nutrients from fruit and veggies. They have childrens' vitamins, too. Google it.

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Go to Sprouts...the people that work there are so nice...I'm always asking them questions....they will help you....but the best way for you to learn is just to start buying it...that's how you'll figure out what tastes best to you....for mother likes to eat most fruit really hard (like a rock) but I like it a little softer which means it's a little more ripe. If you don't like biting apples or pears or whatever...then cut them. You can buy apples cutters at most kitchen stores or just use a knife and cut it the old fashioned way! have fun learning! you should be proud of yourself by putting yourself out there for possible ridicule...I'm glad you recognize the need for good nutrition in your life and your families! congrats for taking this big step!!!



answers from Dallas on

I understand exactly how you feel. We also love smoothies at our house. I purchased a can of Spirutein(has all kinds of good stuff in it)and we use that with several kinds of fruits, add ice, juice and whip it up in your blender. The spirutein is something you can get at any health food store/whole foods/market street and it comes in several flavors. You can even use a chocolate, etc. so that you don't really taste the fruit.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J. !
I know what you mean about the fruit and being bad inside the bunches. There is a small alternative to eating fruit, you can buy a juicer (I think Jack LeLanne the best)
and juice your fruits and veggies. Also you can buy a fruit & veggie supplemant at your local health food store, or you can contact some one that sell Juice Plus ! I personally cannot afford Juice Plus (I usde to take it) so I but it At the health food store and it is called Garden Veggies and Orchard Fruits. The help fill some of the void.
Hope this helps with your delima.
God Bless!



answers from Dallas on

I like Kroger in Southlake Blvd. Their fruit always looks FRESH and a lot of it is Organic. There Fruit and veggies are also a lot larger than other places!

Sprouts is my second choice as far as Organic fruit goes...but they didnt seem as fresh looking as i would like.



answers from Dallas on

I read this and remember how much I took for granted walking out in the front yard and picking a peach,apricot,or apple straight off the tree and have the juices roll down your chin.Picking rasberries or a home grown tomato at its perfect ripest stage is the best.So you may not have room for fruit trees but tomatoes an strawberries are usually easy enough.I just have a fairly small area in which this year we planted cantaloupe,watermelon,tomatoes,okra,chives,squash,cilantro,a couple rows of corn and a couple of strawberries in containers.
I will mention I carry a fruit product that you can learn to have sent to you free every month by sharing with a few others.You will not have juice running down your chin as this is a fruit stix naturally flavored with real fruit and fortified with krill oil.A healthy on the go snack.Please fill free to call IM or visit



answers from Dallas on

I used to have issues with fruit & veggies too. I found out that you can have the manger at the store or a grocery worker help you pick out fruit. I do it all the time and have slowly started learning what to look for.



answers from Dallas on

My 2 year old almost only eats fruit! She loves it...strawberries are her fav! When I buy strawberries, you never know if they are going to be sweet or not. Just because they are really red, doesn't mean they are sweet. If they have a mushy spot...cut it off and eat the rest of the berry. Apples, I peel and slice for her...they look like match sticks after I cut them up. Grapes are good, I don't give her the soft ones because I've always been told those are the ones going bad. If they are big grapes, then I'll cut them in half or quarters for her....but too many grapes can cause a very bad bowel movement! Watermelon, I peel, de-seed and cut up for her....
Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
I understand your problem completely. I have a solution for those of us who can't, won't or don't eat the recommended 9-13 servings daily of fruit and vegetables.Juiceplus, 17 f/v in an easy and convenient capsule form. It's backed by scientific research.
My website is check out the research

Yours in good Health,
M. P



answers from Dallas on

Hey there,
My son eats alot of fruit. A good way to tell if strawberries are good, is by smelling them. They are usually in a vented plastic container, and if they smell good, they will taste good. As was said before mushy spots cut out, the rest is fine. Some of the strawberries will start to mold before others. I just throw out the molded ones, and the ones lying right next to them, and use the rest.
Grapes are pretty easy. If it's mushy don't eat it. If it tastes bad spit it out. The purple grapes are usually sweeter than the green grapes. Make sure you are getting seedless grapes (it will say on the bag, or on the pricing area). The larger the grape, the sweeter. Too large, and they won't be the seedless ones.
I'm not a blueberry fan, so I can't help you there. You can find them frozen.
Just make sure that you rinse your fruit good before eating. I usually pull all of my grapes off of the vine and put in a strainer to rinse, and then store them in a sealed gallon size bag. This makes it quick and easy when my son is screaming for grapes.
Hope this helps!!



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

My husband and I have been drinking a juice called Mona Vie. It's packed with 19 fruits, the acai being the main ingredient. Acai is loaded with anti-oxidants. We have increased energy, and this product also has helped with joint pain. If this might be something that strikes your interest, please check out our web [email protected]

Have a blessed day!



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That was so funny! Are you sure you want to eat more fruit?! :)

My stepdaughter has a hangup on fruit as well. She is 18, but just can't seem to stomach the feel of fruit inside her mouth.

I told her to drink V8, V8 Fruit Smoothie, take a multi-vitamin, and to try frozen fruits made into smoothies in her blender. (Just add juice and top with some sugar free coolwhip!)

That has been working for her. She LOVES the fruit smoothies!

Happy eating!

Also, go to Farmer's Market on the east side of downtown Dallas. You can actually taste the fruit before you buy it, and it is cheaper than the grocery store. If it is a bit of a drive for you - go anyway! It is actually a fun time!



answers from Dallas on

Go buy your fruit at Central Market they always have the best fruit and you can ask for a sample.



answers from Abilene on

Check out some of the recipe sites and search them for tips on buying fruit. Also, ask someone working in the produce department. They are usually very knowledgeable and helpful.



answers from Dallas on

I'm horrible at picking out fruit too! So I just buy the packaged pre-cut fruit from Whole Foods or Central Market. It has melon, watermelon,strawberries,cantelpe,honeydew, and pineapple. Grapes are really easy to buy too. And the big cherries. Yum!
If all else fails you can buy packaged dried fruit. :)



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.!

Here are some simple tips to get more fruit into your diet.

Since I am not one to just eat fruit-have to work at it!

I purchase apples slices in a bag-fresh and easy for snacks and lunches. We always love orange "smiles"-slice and then cut in half, grapes and bananas are great sliced as well. For us, the presentation is part of why we love fruit! My kids will always eat sliced/cut fruit-try the same for you and your husband!! Use frozen fruits in smoothies-especially strawberries and blueberries!

Try making a tossed green salad with fresh mango slices, canned mandarin oranges, yellow/red peppers, carrots and cilantro or parsley-we use Briana's Asian salad dressing-delicious!!

We BBQ a lot and use fresh or canned pineapple and cherry tomatoes for kabobs -with meat of your choice!

Sometimes my fiancee and I wll eat cheese, bread or crackers and various fruits for dinner! Try it, good for you and romantic. Also, when on the run-Starbucks has a great fruit/cheese plate!

Central Market is absolutely the best for fruits and veggies-ask the produce person for tips on freshness! Always try what is "in season" it is more likely to be fresh and taste better!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I've heard Sprouts has really fresh fruit. Central market is a definite yes.

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