Frozen Meatballs

Updated on January 22, 2013
A.U. asks from Allen Park, MI
7 answers

What have you found to be the best frozen meatballs? Brand and store you get them at?
I hate getting those frozen ones that have the grissle type hard spots.. EEkkk.
What ones have the best quality meat... Preferrably no msg and all those bad fillers :)
I know some may be thinking "just make your own" - But I'm looking for the best frozen kind. Thanks a bunch :)

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answers from New York on

The best frozen meatballs I've ever tried would probably be MamaMancini's. I buy them at my local Publix but I'm sure there are many other grocery stores that sell it.

The box says these meatballs are "all natural." I definitely believe this because when I look at the ingredients on the back of the box, it literally just says foods and seasonings you can find in your house.

They taste great to me and I probably make them about twice a week for my whole family. I work all day and so does my husband so it's easy for me to just defrost them in a saucepan and warm them up. Sometimes I'll even boil spaghetti to have as a side dish.

Definitely recommend these.

Anybody else try these? I'm surprised no one else has mentioned them. I think they might be my favorite frozen meatball EVER.. and trust me.. I've tried them all!

-Michelle, PA

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answers from Detroit on

You should try IKEA's meatballs. They are very good. I don't think they sell them online. But it's worth going there for them.

Plus, they are not full of preservatives and fatty like all the others.

They have them for sale in freezers right before you check out.

When I got them, I made them like Swedish meatballs (cream of mushroom soup, sour cream and put them over mashed potatoes – I know, it what my husbands idea and it was so good).



answers from Detroit on

My mom and my best friends mom get them from Gordons food. I know there is one off Hall rd. And two on Gratiot, one at like 14-13 mile, and the other at 23.

I like them and I am kinda picky about meat.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

My entire family buy the ones from GFS (Gordon food service) they are wonderful!!! We use them parties and everyday dinners, the GFS is located at 14 1/2 and Gratiot on the East side of Gratiot right next to tropical treasures (fish pet store). Good luck, we have tried others but they are never as good!



answers from Benton Harbor on

Well, I do have an amazingly easy recipe for turkey meatballs and they are SOOO yummy! The would freeze great, so if you'd like the recipe let me know!

Also they are very healthy as the recipe came from a diet center. You'd never know they were 'diet' so to speak!



answers from Detroit on

Hi A.,
I'm with the other moms...the Gordon Food Service meatballs are the BEST! I pulled up the GFS website, and there is one in Dearborn Heights on Telegraph. Just pull it up on the web if you don't know exactly where its at. Enjoy!



answers from Detroit on

I usually make my own, but when I don't have time, I use Gordon Foods. I actually boil them first to get some of the grease out and then rinse them in hot water.

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