Frozen Breast Milk? - Island Lake,IL

Updated on July 15, 2009
M.A. asks from Island Lake, IL
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I was defrosting a bag of frozen milk in the refrigerator and I noticed it is leaking! Should I pitch it? Not sure how or why the bag would have ripped. It is one of the lansinoh bags made for milk..

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I'd pitch it. Any air getting in the bag could have caused freezer burn.

I've never had a problem with the lansinoh bags. Must have gotten caught on something.



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Yes pitch it. It's sad to see it go to waste but you shouldn't take the chance. I, second the Medela bags. I never used the other but - I never had to switch because of any incident, either.


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I ALWAYS had issues with the Lansinoh bags breaking! It drove me nuts! I got alot of them free in my breast pad boxes, but they convinced me to stick with the Medela bags instead!
I agree that you might want to pitch it. And buy the Medela bags as soon as you can. They are MUCH better.




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I agree with Jen. The milk might taste pretty nasty from the freezer. To put my two cents in, I recommend freezer organizer drawers for your breast milk bags. They are white and available at Babies R Us. They should keep your bags from tearing.

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