From Breast to Formula 8Mths

Updated on August 25, 2009
N.D. asks from Shepherd, TX
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We just went from breastfeeding to formula. My daughter is 8months old wed. and weighs about 16.5lbs. I have been giving her 24oz of formula, but is that about right? I think the range is 24-30something so she is at the lower ranger, but I think she is in weight also. Anyway, I was just wondering if we were on target. I know the Dr. will tell us at the 9mth check up. Thank you!!

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answers from Austin on

Is she's not acting hungry, I think you're doing great! My son is taking about 32 ounces, he's three pounds bigger than your daughter, but not taking any solids yet.



answers from Houston on

Our only son just turned 8 months old last week and weighs in at about 21 pounds. We too are in the process of going from breast milk to formula. We're targeting about 28-30 ounces, but given how much bigger he is than your daughter, I think 24 oz sounds just fine. We're working on increasing solids and reducing the number of bottles to 3 in the next month.

Good luck!!


answers from Houston on

The rule of thumb I have always used is you give them as many ounces as their age plus two more. So I guess in your case it would be about 10oz per feeding. Of course bottles don't usually come in more than 9oz typically so I think that 9oz per feeding would do just fine. I am guessing you might be feeding her formula three times per day? So I would say around 27oz would be on target, so it sounds like you are pretty much on target, if you want to give her a little more due to her size I think you would be fine to do that as well. Good luck!



answers from Houston on

I think I was giving my son about 32 ounces (4 feedings per day of 8 oz each) at 9-10 months when he self weaned. But, if she is eating solids and seems content and is sleeping okay, then she should be fine. You could put a call into the nurse at your pedi's office and just ask to be sure since you have another whole month until the 9 mo. checkup. As long as you're in the range, I'm sure you're fine! Good luck!

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