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Updated on November 24, 2006
A.P. asks from Columbus, OH
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My step daughter is nine and we only have her on the weekends I tried to join her in activities that will help her make friends near our house but i am having trouble finding things for her that only requires her on the weekends any suggestions??

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Hi there!!
I recently signed my oldest child up for the Westgate soccer league. I am kinda new to this, as my kids are 4, 3 and 9 months, and most programs offered are for ages 4 & up. I know the Columbus Parks & Recreation department has numerous locations throughout the city, and they have programs for all age groups. The cost of the classes are minimal, and their classes fall on all different days of the week, and most programs are only one day during the week. Like they have pottery on Fridays, things like that. They do require anyone 6 & up to have a leisure card, but the cost is only $5 for the card, and I believe it is good for 5 years. Below is a link to the website. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!!!

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If you're looking for a class activity, I have my eight-yr -old daughter signed up for ballet lessons at BalletMet in Columbus on Saturdays. There's also a karate school in Bexley that has Saturday classes, Excel Dojo. If you're looking for something to do together, we LOVE the Franklin Park Conservatory - they have great programs and a family pass for the whole year is only $45, then you can go free whenever you like. Also the downtown main branch of the Columbus Library is AWESOME, with a great kids dept. If she likes to ride a bike, there are fantastic bike trails in parks all over for absoutely free - we especially like Franklin Park for that. Hope some of these ideas help! :-)



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Hey..where do you live, I have 6 kids my oldest girl is 12. She is into crafts, and would love to meet a new friend. I live near Groveport. If interested in meeting up you can email me or just reply here...



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I was wondering where you live. I to have a 9 year old who is also looking to make new friends. She too also is having a hard time finding things for her to do for she is always in everything... I am located in Columbus Ohio out by groveport.

Let me know...

you can email me at [email protected]

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