Frequent Urination in 3-Year-old Boy

Updated on January 24, 2008
E.R. asks from Tulsa, OK
6 answers

My little guy went to Urgent Care for frequent urination yesterday. His blood sugar was good and his urine was ok too. However, after water intake he pees about 5 times and not much.

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answers from Kansas City on

This happened to us too. All of a sudden my daughter was going to bathroom every five minutes. We took her to the Dr as well and everything was OK. They said that it is a phase that a lot of children go through. And when I googled it sure enough there were a ton of articles talking about it. It lasted a few weeks and then stopped. Hope this helps!



answers from Topeka on

My son went through some of this not too long ago, and with him, it was an attention getter to say that he needed to go potty, we would distract him by doing something else for a while and not letting him go until he was ready to let it all out at once, he has calmed this down quite a bit, but sometimes when he gets bored he will still resort to this. For the most part, he only has to "mark his territory" when we are in a store, even if he has just gone, he suddenly has to go to the bathroom again. This is why we call it marking his territory he has to stop at every public restroom there is to go......sorry for rambling on...hope something I said helps



answers from St. Louis on

My oldest son is 11 years old and has always had problems with his bladder. He would wet everynight and would go frequently and in small amounts all day long. We left one pediatric group because they kept blowing us off. First they told us wait until he's 6 and then when he reached 6 they told us they wouldn't do anything until he was 8. I picked a different doctor for my boys then. When we got to Missouri our family physician was willing to refer us to a pediatric uroligist. However before that happened I researched the internet and found the University of Michigans study on bedwetting and bladder size. I had already guessed that Brandon had a really small bladder. So I followed U of M's suggestions. For small children their bladder at its fullest normally holds 1 ouce per year of the childs age. You have your child hold out for using the bathroom as long as they can. Then have them pee in a container and measure the amount. Do this twice. The average is the child's bladder capacity. Brandon's was half of what it should be for a child his age. I discussed this with his physician and we agreed to wait and see if his bladder would grow as he got older. At this time he has grown enough that he never has problems during the day and he sets his alarm to get up once during the night to go. He has been doing this for over a year and it has been a huge help. This has worked for us.

However one of my girlfriends in Michigan had a child with a smiliar problem and his needed to be corrected with surgury.

So by all means if you are concerned it won't hurt to have this looked into. But your son's physician may want to know exactly how much and how often he's going.

I hope this helps.



answers from Springfield on

Hey I do that to after drinking water and I 34. I would check and make sure that his underwear aren't to tight. My 4 year old son Addison has lots of accidents and this is the 1st thing that I check It has stopped ever time I moved him up a size. This might help.



answers from Tulsa on

I would take him to a urologist. When I was little I urinated frequently too - and also not much at a time. It's possible that his urethra is not completely developed, therefore not fully emptying his bladder when he does go potty. (This was my problem - and the fix was a simple out-patient procedure). Hope that helps!



answers from Springfield on

My youngest son is now 8, and we had an issue like this for a long time also. (especially on road trips) He'd have to go so we'd take him, then about 5 minutes later he'd have to go again. We went to the doctor to make sure everything was ok, that there were no infections, or anything like that, and everything checked out OK. Over the last couple of years, he's decided he didn't like to wear underwear, and since he stopped (unless he's playing sports) we haven't had any issues. When I asked the doctor about this he said some kids react strongly to the sensation of underwear, and it gives them the feeling they have to go more often than they really do, and sometimes the elastic band sits just perfectly causing pressure on the bladder. I know it's frustrating, but take a deep breath, it will all work out in the end.

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