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Updated on June 05, 2009
J.F. asks from Fremont, CA
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I am overwhelmed by the number of preschools in the area not to mention the price of them! My son will be 4 in June and I would like to send him 3 days a week starting in September. We belong to a very active playgroup so he gets a lot of socialization so my main concern is getting him used to the structure of school & academics. Any recommendations along with tuition costs would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey J.,

I don't have a recommendation for a pre-school. I just wanted to make a comment that being involved in a very active playgroup may not be the best thing. Those kids that your son hangs around with may not be the best thing for him. It could cause some serious social issues when they keep coming over and playing with his toys all the time. Plus, they are, I'm sure, all so rambunctious and just bad influences on him. You need to get him in a pre-school fast, whichever one you pick, because it has got to be better than being involved with whatever playgroup you are involved in! you J.! =P

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You might want to check into family child care. I am not in your area but many provider like myself have our early childhood education and are experienced. We provide breakfast, then we have Circle Time (calendar, days of the week, weather, etc., sing songs, read books, flannel book stories, puppets, dancing, etc.), then some of the children go outside and some play at different centers in our home such as blocks, housekeeping, free play, arts and crafts at the kids' tables in the kitchen with a variety of art supplies for thier use. Home cooked meals and snacks; breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, etc. depending on the child's hours in care. After lunch is nap time (My nine boys and two girls are all sleeping now.) A strutured environment is important where they can learn about many things. We have silkworms and butterflies right now for Spring. I have my Mater Teachre Permit through the Dept. of Education and helpers and myself have CPR, First Aid and Health and Safety Classes. We prepare our children for school with lots of love and care. So home care can be preschool care too.



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Hi J. :)

It is so tough and confusing picking the best preschool for our kids that's for sure.

I would highly recommend "Our Savior Lutheran Preschool" it is a wonderful, wonderful preschool. My daughter has gone for two years and I am sad she is living this year to head off to Kindergarten. The teachers are great very caring & loving. They make it fun to learn while at the same time having the structure the kids need.The director of the school is fantastic very helpful and is there for you at all times she has been there over 20 years. Here is the website you should definitely take a tour of the place and see how you like it

Good Luck on your search!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi J.,

This is an exciting time for you and your son!! I have 4 children (6, 4, 2 and 3 months)...Between my 6 year old and my 4 year old, we have gone to 3 preschools in Fremont. The BEST one BY far is Centerville Church Preschool. They have 1/2 day programs with M-F programs, MWF programs and T/Th programs..the MWF program is from 9-12noon and costs $250/month. Here is the link for the school....
Also as a teacher in Fremont, I REALLY enjoy how ready my daughter is for kindergarten in the fall after going to CCP. I would say more so then my son who went to 2 other preschools. If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can also get you in contact with other parents if you want/need more references. I do know they are booking up, you should REALLY register for a preschool soon! Hope this helps!



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Have you checked out Kidango?
Look into their website and I believe you can see what the costs are, but if you have a special situation you should talk to the director of that location. I recall about a year ago coming across a mother of 2 who had limited income and was able to enroll her children at Kidango. Check it out and see if it works for you.

I don't know much about the Fremont area, but I just looked into Calaveras Montessori in Milpitas and for 3 days a week the costs is $685/mo. On average the costs for pre-school is going to be around $800-1000/mo, but as the child becomes older the cost does go down some.

Also check out Head Start even though the program might be on the cut back list for the state. The cost is manageable and what you pay depends on your qualifications by income.

Good luck and let me know how your search goes.




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Oh, please, please check out Challenger Pre-school.
Just amazing. Have had 3 kids go through that program in another state.
We are moving to the area and was so sad that the closest Challenger is 30 minutes+ away.
I have a learning challenged daughter and an advanced child and they met the needs of both beautifully.
I love the structure and the music.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi J.,

Ahh, preschool. Those were the days -- my youngest is graduating high school next month -- it goes by so quickly!

Anyway, did you know that Fremont Unified School district (FUSD) offers certified preschool (tuition-free for low income and low cost tuition for everyone else)? Check out the FUSD website, or see if this link works:

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