Freezing Juice Boxes

Updated on April 15, 2008
D.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
12 answers

This week it TCAP's at my sons school and I am bringing juice boxes. I wanted to put them in the freezer tonight, have him take them to school in the morning & put them in a carrier I have already dropped off a the school. Then by the time they eat their TCAP Snack, around 1, I'm hoping they'll have thawed. Have any of you tried this & will it burst the juice boxes? I wont have time in the morning to get new ones so I needed to know before I head off to bed. Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Jackson on

I used to freeze my daughter's juice boxes for lunch; however, she said that they did not thaw in time. She hasn't complained about them being hot since I don't freeze them anymore. She says they are still a little cool. Her lunch bag is insolated, so I guess that makes a difference.
We didn't have any problem with them busting.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Charlotte on

HI D.,

My kids always complained that they were still partially frozen even by the time they had their late lunch at school. Maybe wrap group in foil or put in mini cooler, after having been refrigerated. Kids will even drink them luke warm.

D. M. Focht

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answers from Pine Bluff on

We do it all the time, and they never burst. With the weather being cooler this week, though, they will take longer to thaw. I wouldn't put them in anything that would greatly preserve their coldness like a cooler.



answers from Nashville on

I usually send a little cooler with the juice boxes and ice. Juice boxes don't take up much room in a small cooler.



answers from Johnson City on

I have frozen Capri Sun and it works well except when my son has lunch at 10:30 they are still partially frozen. Go-Gurts freeze really well too.



answers from Greensboro on

I have done this literally HUNDREDS of times. It does work, it doesn't ruin the juice or the box and it doubles as an ice pack in their lunches when they don't have refridgeration available. This also works really well for those Gogurt tubes of yougurt too!! Sometimes they don't fully thaw but my son likes that because he likes to have his like that.



answers from Asheville on

i always put them in the freezer (same reason as you) and they never burst! yum, cold drinks when it's hot :-)




answers from Wheeling on

Hi D.,
I am a day-care provider and often freeze juice boxes in the summer for field trips to the park and the pool. I have never had a problem. Hope it works for you too!!
Good Luck!!
C. A



answers from Nashville on

I don't think they'd burst but by the next day they will still partially be frozen. If you want them that cold-freeze them during the day, take them out in the evening to thaw in the fridge and then store them in your cooler with ice packs



answers from Raleigh on

I wouldn't freeze them. They take a LONG time to thaw. My kids drink them cool or room temperature. As long as it's wet. When we are going to be outside, I take along a small cooler and put the refrigerated boxes in with a small freezer pack. I can fit 2 juice boxes, 2 fruit, 2 sandwiches and a freezer pack in one of those small coolers.



answers from Chattanooga on

I have left them in my dd lunchbox in the car and they froze and they didn't bust, just sweated a lot when they thawed and the box was kinda soggy. I have never put them in the freeszer though



answers from Charleston on

They shouldn't bust. That is how I keep my dd lunch cold when I pack I put A frozen juice box in her lunch box and I haven't had one bust yet.

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