Freezing a Pie

Updated on March 13, 2018
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
3 answers

Since tomorrow is 3.14, the local bakery (inside a large chain store) is offering BOGO on their bakery pies. I'd like to take advantage and freeze both for Easter :)

The deal applies to all the pies they make - no restrictions. Which flavors tend to freeze/thaw the best? Any that I should stay away from? Tips for freezing them?

Thanks! I'm excited to get a good deal AND not have to do anything cooking-wise for Easter this year (I'm not hosting). Life here has been crazy, busy!

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answers from Dallas on

I freeze a lot of things like that and it always comes out great. We have a pie shop who has a buy one get one on the mini pies and I take advantage of those.

I have frozen buttermilk, key lime, apple and they did great.

I also take advantage of Nothing Bundt Cakes and the Buy one Get one and those freeze very well.

I buy the "single serve" mini pie or bundtlet for myself and they last about 3-4 days for me after I thaw them.

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answers from Portland on

I buy pies as part of fundraising every year (I stock up) and throw them in my freezer just as is and they turn out fine. I only leave them in there a few moths tops. However, you are supposed to wrap them in wrap and then stick them in freezer bags.

I have had success with all kinds of fruits pies (like apple, berries, etc.) and also pumpkin.

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