Updated on November 24, 2008
S.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I have an "extra" freezer that I use. I have always lived in an apartment where I had enough space in the kitchen for my "extra" freezer. My townhouse now does not have the luxury. Do any of you keep your "other" freezer on a carpeted area? Im a little hesitant because I'm not sure if it gets hot down under and whether there is moisture.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses. I feel better knowing that someone else has done this.

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answers from Minneapolis on

What about your garage? Most newer freezers are designed to withstand varying external temperature changes, so it is okay to have one in an unheated garage in winter.



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My grandma always kept her extra freezer in her bedroom before she moved into assisted living last spring. She had lived in her home over 40 years, and the bedroom is where it was always kept. Anyway, the bedroom was carpeted. Never had any problems. I don't know why she would use the bdrm, seems crazy to me, but that's just her. It never made any sense to any of us.



answers from Bismarck on

I too had the same problem when I moved. My freezer now sits in my living room. It is on carpet and I have not had any problems. It sits right by the patio door so it's not too much trouble to get it outside when I defrost it. Hope this helps.




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you can always buy a little remnant of linoleum to put underneath it.

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