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Updated on October 25, 2007
J.A. asks from Overland Park, KS
4 answers

Does anyone know where I can enroll my 8 month old twins in a free baby sign language class? I found several that cost money and with twins it gets really expensive. Thank you in advance! -J.

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answers from Kansas City on

The library usually offers free classes. There are also a lot of good books out there, for basic sign (in "kid friendly" form).

A. :-)



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, J.! Try checking with your Parents as Teachers educator through your school district. I know with Blue Valley, they offer sign classes every semester.

Good Luck!
mom to Grant, 12-2-05



answers from Kansas City on

Most of the advertised classes will let you try a class for free. I did one with my daughter and found that it was easier for me to get the books and teach her myself. A lot of the classes have signs to music and I just wanted her to learn the ones that fit our life! Like milk, sleep, mom, dad, eat, wet..etc. It is worth the effort. My 8 year old reads on a 5th grade level and my 2 year old daughter speaks very well and can tell me anything she wants (and more)!! She was a child who cried a lot out of frustration, so it really helped bridge the gap before she could speak!



answers from Kansas City on

You could try the Baby Einstein My First Signs video. My daughter has loved it since we first started showing it to her. She is 21 months and knows and uses most of the signs in the video, she even surprises me every once in a while and uses a new one I didn't realize she knew. I also bought a sign language book and used that to supplement and teach her other signs that the video didn't have. It is very fun for the kids, using music and repetition to reinforce the signs. My daycare kids also love it and have learned signs also. My advise would be to try that (much cheaper than a class) and just reinforce the signs on the video by using them when you are interacting daily. They will pick up on them eventually. Good luck!

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