Updated on January 11, 2009
M.P. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Does anyone own or have any knowledge about owning a franchise? I would LOVE to hear about your experience if so. I am thinking about investing in one...........

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answers from Greensboro on

Hi M.,

My husband and I have owned several of our own businesses including a couple of franchises. The one that you would recognize is Papa John's Pizza. Franchises are complex and you really have to know what you are looking at. What are their requirements for ownership? How much do you pay up front AND monthly? How much freedom do you have with advertising or do they provide it and make you pay their cost whether you want it or not? Are the hours of operation negotiable or are they set by corporate? I could go on and on...

The reason we sold our Papa John's is because of the hour requirements. We had stores in large towns and small towns and sometimes the small towns just rolled up their sidewalks. Even if you are not making money OR even losing money at a certain time during the day we were required to stay open and pay staff...Don't get me wrong, they were quite lucrative, but not having control over the issues that meant something to us led us in a different direction.

I own my own business now and consult on nutritional issues and the dangers of environmental toxins. I set my own hours and control my workload and don't report to anyone (but hubby of course)...

Make sure you have more than one set of eyes look at the business before you invest and make sure you are ready for the long haul...It can be fun!



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answers from Louisville on

I have a great home business that is through Arbonne International. It's not a franchise, but my very own company using all of their wonderful products, and ground work! All I do is put in about 24 hours a month doing presentations and allowing others to try the products. It's not door to door but friend to friend. My mother and cousin both do this earning 8000.00 and 4000.00 a month while driving the company car...a white has to be white. I'm working to that level which is only 3 levels up in the business! If you would like more information give me a buzz, [email protected] We have a call on Wednesday nights with our National VP who explains the business in more detail. If you would like to listen in I can send you the number. Best of luck!



answers from Charleston on

Hello my name is H. and I work from home and would love to share it with you if you are interested. I am a stay home mom of 5 kids and I also homeschool them so yes my hands are full but if I can do it so can you. You can contact me through email which is [email protected] Please feel free to contact me at any time.. Look forward to talk to you...



answers from Raleigh on

You can search the internet and find lots of information, as I'm sure you have. Have you tried your own business before? Franchises can be quite expensive, as there are up front costs and continued percentage of profits, as well as, the franchisee will normally require you to purchase branded supplies from them.

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