Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

Updated on October 21, 2008
K.M. asks from Denton, TX
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My husband and I would like to take our 5yr old daughter to Fossil Rim park. Just seeking opinions from anyone that has been. Is it worth the price and drive? We are looking to go this Friday.

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So What Happened?

Great comments everyone! thank you. Sounds like it's going to be a hit. We are only going for the day but maybe next time we'll make more time to spend there and check out all the good stuff. We have been wanting to visit Dublin too so we'll have to add that to our must see list next trip.

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great day trip. Our kids love going (7 and 4) The entertainment passbook normally has a 1/2 price coupon in it. If you have time check out the dinosaur exhibit as well. We love going to Glenrose. If you stay the night, drive on over to Dublin and check out the Dr Pepper factory.

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hi! I highly recommend it--if you are staying over nite the best thing to do is stay on the grounds of the park in the tents(not the lodge, although that is probably nice) they are not really "tents" they look like tents, but they are air conditioned and heated and have a really nice bathroom--it is really fun because it is like "camping" but with amenities and the animals come up to the fence surrounding the area and you can sit outside--they have a mess hall with refreshments and you can roast marshmallows, etc.--the only part of glen rose I would not recommend is the dinousaur track park as it is hard to see the tracks and it was expensive. But the fossill rim park, safari area that you drive thru was great!! The drive is not bad either--stop in Granbury for lunch and shopping on the square on the way!

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We love Fossil Rim. It is an all-day event so you might even want to get a hotel. Don't forget to check out the Creation Evidences Museum

Just past the entrance to Dinosaur Valley there is a farmer that for a small fee will let you cross his property to go to the Paluxy River bed to see dino tracks with human footprints in them along the same strata of rock. Really cool stuff!

There is also Comanche Peak Nuclear Power plant you can visit not far from there with a really nice visitor center. Below is from their website.

The Visitors Center
Our visitors center offers an overview of the nuclear plant. See it all in a video that shows the inside of the plant and how it works followed by a Q & A session led by your Visitors Center escort. Experience interactive exhibits and graphic displays.

The Visitors Center is open by appointment only. You may contact us at ###-###-#### or e-mail us at [email protected]

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Definitely worth it! We took our three kids there over the summer and they loved it (even my hubby and I had fun!). Finding a place to eat was a little harder, had to drive some, but luckily the hotel we stayed at was great and had a grocery store right down the street. You'll probably have more fun this time of year. It was hot when we went so some of the animals werent moving around too much.

We stayed at the dinosaur valley Inn ( Really nice place. We got a great rate with AAA too.

Oh, and make sure you have lots of gas when going to fossil rim...We forgot to fill up and its a long ride through the park (and kids need go to the bathroom before going through the park!). Make sure you have lots of gas to enjoy it all!
: )

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We went about 2 years ago, when our son was just 2 and had a great day. I would only go on a day that is not likely to be crowded. Also, during the off-season prices are lower.



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It is wonderful and a real treat! Be sure and take your time to enjoy it all!!!!



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We took two vans and all our grandchildren. Great place. Go early for more active animals. We also went to see the dinosaur tracks on Fossil Creek. The animals were more fun for the younger ones.



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I went a few years back when I had family here from Conn. and loved it! We had a blast. Very worth the drive which is really not bad, just under 2 hours if I remember correctly. I have a 2 yr. old son and I can't wait to take him because I know he will love it. Have a great time!

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