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Updated on January 20, 2014
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Are the Target brand formulas just as good as the name brand? We are using Enfamil Gentle Ease, but the target brand. We looked at the ingredients and amounts of each and it matches the name rand exactly. Is there a benefit to using enfamil vs the target brand? I've always thought they worked the same, just the name brand was more expensive because they have all the advertising costs. But I'm wondering, with all the gas issues my baby has been having and want to make sure it's not formula.

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answers from Seattle on

My kids weaned themselves at 9 months old. We did Target brand formula until they were a year old. We didn't have any problems with them at all. They're now 10 and 6 and perfectly healthy and active.

As far as we could tell, the difference was a name on a can and about $5-$10 dollars.

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answers from Detroit on

My pediatrician had told me that it was fine to use the store brand, but just choose one and stick with it (not constantly switching, unless you are trying to solve a feeding issue). I asked because I also noticed that the ingredients were the same.

Like someone said, many big brand names will manufacture for the store brands. Which makes sense. The stores couldn't have the facilities to manufacture ALL the products they offer. It would have to be made by companies that specialize in it.

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answers from Wausau on

All retail infant formulas are held to the same standards. Ingredients vary, which mean babies often tolerate one better than another, but they are all equally fine choices.

Similac made my firstborn incredibly unhappy, while Walmart's Parent's Choice caused no problems at all.

ETA: Here is a website that might interest you, showing several store brand formulas that are made by the same company, Perrigo.

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answers from New York on

Target brand is great. All big name brands produce the same thing under a store name. You pay extra for name only. Talk to ped about mylicon drops if the gas is really bad.

Ah S.B. says what I have been saying. Switching formular create more issues on their system unless there is a very obvious problem.

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answers from Kansas City on

It's important not to switch formulas without talking to your baby's doctor. Switching is hard on their little tummies.

The important thing is not the brand, they all have to meet same guidelines, the important thing is not switching back and forth between brands.

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answers from New York on

I used target brand because it's the only brand that I know of that hasn't been recalled. I also was told that the only reason the top brands are more expensive is because they have major advertisements and charge more to cover those costs.

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answers from La Crosse on

I used the Parents Choice for all 5 of mine and never had a problem. I think its more on just the name.

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answers from Las Vegas on

A PED told us that the big brands also sell under a generic, with the same ingredients. With that, we did supplement with Costco brand from time to time.

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