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Updated on January 08, 2007
H.G. asks from Keller, TX
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I am traveling with my infant this week and was curious about getting powder formula through security. I know that I am not restricted as to how much I can take, so says the TSA website...but I have a tupperware container that seperates my already measured formula...can I bring that or do I need to bring the original formula container and measure on the plane if necessary?

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Yes you can. I traveled over Christmas and that is how I packed my formula. You'll have to buy water once your through security.



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We traveled by plane in Oct. with a "formula" baby. You may want to buy those formula packs (tubes) because they are convenient and completly sealed. You will have to get water once you have gone through security, however. We bought bottled water and also received hot water from a cafe. Once on board, the flight attendants can also give you water.



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All the strict rules don't apply to babies and their infant foods. I have flown twice in the past six months with my young toddler; I think the issue is the container that you are bringing it in - and its probably best to limit to 4 ounces to be safe. You can't just walk on board with a bottle of water.....but you can have 4 ounces of water in a baby bottle in your bag.....

I brought two sippy cups of milk -- and they were allowed just fine....They just have to inspect it prior to walking through security- and in some cases - just ask you to sip the milk to be sure its milk. But I was never asked to do that - I just heard some mom's talk about that.

I don't the infant formula will be an issue as long as you have it in either a small container, or a small ziploc bag (remember that your own personal things (toothpaste, etc....have to be in a small ziploc too - that is, if you plan on bringing them on board -- otherwise, you can put them in your suitcase, and have them checked - the small ziploc is just for those things that you are bringing through security).

Be sure to check airlines website just to be certain - its not like I work with homeland security anything - I just am telling you my advice, from my most recent experience. Good luck.

Oh, one thing that might help - you can always get water from the flight stewardess! They usually have a good supply of evian on board.....I wouldn't necessarily use that bathroom water supply - that is probably not safe for a young baby to use.

Good luck on your upcoming trip! Have a safe flight.



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If it is still in ppwder form, there should be no problems. If if is liquid, my understanding is that it needs to be in a 3 oz or smaller container.

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