Formula for Baby with Milk/soy Allergy

Updated on May 24, 2010
D.K. asks from Chula Vista, CA
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We just found my 10 months old son is allergic to cow's milk and soy amongst other food allergies he has. (he is allergic to Egg white, peanuts, walnuts, corn, wheat and sesame. Due to his allergy, he has a bad case of eczema. It never spreaded to his face but ever since he started taking Similac Allimentum ( he was on similac advance & gerber gentle plus before) he started getting rash around his face. My question is Can a baby be allergic to Hypoallergenic formulas such as Allimentum and Nutrimegen? I heard about Nutrimegan AA. Did anyone try Allimentum on their babies and didnt work out and successfully fed Nutrimegan AA or Elecare? Also, does anyone have Aetna as their insurance and do they cover the formula under the insurance?
** I BF my son for 3 months and I got really sick and didn't produce any milk so we had to switch to formula.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Try Neocate formula. Our son had the same problem. Everything made him itchy and cranky. You have yo order it on line. Our insurance refused to cover it, and it is expensive. But we saw a change on our son overnight! Good luck.


answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like you've had a hard time with those allergies and losing your milk. I don't really know anything about the formulas, but I have heard of women taking hormones to get their milk back. Even kids that are lactose intolerant will still produce the enzyme needed to digest human milk well into their 3rd and 4th year. This may be a good alternative if you are over your illness and if everything else is making your son sick. I'm sure it will be a lot less expensive as well, as the special formulas are very expensive. Hope you find a solution soon!



answers from Chicago on

My son is severely allergic to peanuts and has seasonal allergies. He had eczema too. Our doctor prescribed Neocate . It is hypoallergenic. It worked really well for him . The Nutrimagean was horrible for him , lots of spitting up and burping. Neocate is expensive but worth it.Good luck to you :)



answers from Los Angeles on

You can make your own and it's easy. There are lots of recipes on the internet, I think, Weston Price has some. Goat's milk with rice protein and add molasses, b vitamins, fish oil, etc. Some pediatricians are JUST starting to "get" that goat's milk is just fine, others aren't there yet. I had a friend allergic to everything, so her parents, literally, bought a goat and her skin completely cleared up.

Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

Lots of people that I know have used with great success. You need to be very careful with vaccines now as did you know most of them are 'brewed' in chick egg and the ingredients are really not only scary but have these ingredients in them. That is how we started our journey of no vaccines when I found out my daughter was allergic to eggs, soy and corn. The list grew to include gluten, all yeast, and a few other things. After 10 years, she lost her allergy to corn but everything else is still high.

A great place for diet information is and go to GFCF Diet, upper left pull down menu.

For the skin issues, we started using Sensaria Natural Bodycare's products over eight years ago and LOVE them. Helped my DD eczema immediately. You can find more information on it in the Local Business section as I am a representative for the company now because of this.

For tax purposes, you are allowed to write off the difference between the cost of the allergy formula and 'regular' formula. From what we have learned and do, we keep a doctor's prescription in our file just in case it is questioned along with the allergy profile.

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock will help to explain what has happened.



answers from San Diego on

I don't have an answer for your immediate question as my son doesn't have the same allergies as yours. I wanted to suggest though a web site that is AWESOME for getting answers for food allegies:
They have special forums for infants and toddlers and for special foods/formulas. It's a mine of information and it's really helped us!



answers from Tulsa on

find a food allergies forum. the only other milks I know of is rice and goats. is he going to an allergy doctor if not find one. it is probably not the milk in thte hypoallergenic milk as much as the added ingrediants to keep it fresh. I wish you luck and try to find a pediatric allergist. there is alot of good information on national jewish allergy and asthma site that maybe able to help you find an pediatric allergy doctor.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, my daughter was allergic to hypoallergenic formulas. I know it is hard.
at 6 months we put our daughter on fortified rice milk. It was wonderful. all her symptoms went away. The only thing is that rice milk is low in fat and protein. I just made sure that she ate enough in her table foods. I would add a tsp. of oil to her oatmeal or fruit, she ate a lot of avocado. I also would grind up chicken and steak or cut it into little pieces (your guy may be old enough for pieces)
He is almost one so he wouldn't need traditional formula for much longer.
there is a rice milk base formula that you can find online, or make your own formula's if you are uncomfortable with just rice milk. you can find that online too.
My daughter thrives very well on it.
Good luck, i hope this helps



answers from Los Angeles on

The formula companies should all have medical justification letters on their websites that you can have your doctor fill out to try to get reimbursement from your insurance. It may take forever and you may have to appeal a denial but if they agree to reimburse you I think they will pay for all of the formula that you have purchased prior to the approval, so save all reciepts! It sounds like your baby needs a formula with free amino acids, such as Necoate, Elecare or Nutramigen AA.

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