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Updated on January 17, 2011
C.C. asks from Denton, TX
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I need advice on how to find the best deals on baby formula. We currently use Enfamil ar. We do not have a printer that works at this time so I cannot print out any coupons. Unless someone knows of a good coupon site that I can send to my phone and show the store at the time of check out. So if anyone has any tricks up there sleves I would love any suggestions.

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answers from Springfield on

We used the store brand (saves you almost 50%). I asked my ped about it, and she said it really is the same thing.

I think for the average baby, the different brands are incredibly similar. There are always going to be some babies who are sensitive who have a prefference, but for the most part it doesn't really matter.

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answers from Kansas City on

Store brand. It's as good as the pricey stuff!

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answers from Modesto on

read the store brand and the non store brand labels and compare, they are totally the same and come from the SAME factory in most cases. that's your first savings right there. I dont know if you have safeway there, but if you have their card and you buy their formula you get quite a discount as well.

... I'm not throwing this in to jab you but to remind other soon to be moms how much money they can save if they are able to nurse. Boobies need no coupons :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

COSTCO, COSTCO, COSTCO - join if you have one anywhere near you. I cannot tell you how much we saved on formula, diapers (LOVE the Kirkland/Costco brand) and baby wipes.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Agree with Dana K. -Costco, membership for the year is pretty cheap, and buying diapers,wipes and formula in bulk saves money in the end....I used the kirkland brand diapers and wipes as well as the Enfamil from there....COSTCO,COSTCO,COSTCO....:)

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answers from Gainesville on

Most stores probably won't accept the coupon on the phone because they would then have nothing to send in for repayment. If you have a coupon site you normally use you can use the printers at the public library.

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answers from Dallas on

Go to and register. Put that you want to receive coupons by mail. They will send you all kinds of good coupons. I have done it with all three of mine since we have used Enfamil with all three.



answers from Dallas on

Have you signed up on the Enfamil website? We received coupons for Enfamil all the time. Between those and Babies R Us deals and the Sunday coupons, seems like we never paid full retail. Also, look for the containers with the red extra 20% volume.



answers from Dallas on

Store brand! Try both Parent's Choice Walmart's version and Up and Up Target's version. I preferred Up and Up, my son was originally on Similac Sensitive and I liked the way Target's sensitive version worked similarly to Similac's. They are required to be the same nutrition make up by the FDA and sterile conditions etc. I believe Parent's Choice is made by Wyeth but not sure who make's Up and Up.
Also try Sam's Club or Costco for either their house brands or national brands - check their online inventory option before committing to either one. I could only get the Similiac Sensitive at the Grapevine Sam's not the one in North Richland Hills which was closer to me - so it wasn't really saving me money and the reason I switched to Target.
But to get the coupons jump started with the major companies, call the formula company vs. registering online and talk to a person. You'll get them much faster..

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