Ford Edge vs Chevy Traverse

Updated on April 18, 2011
K.L. asks from Essex, MD
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I'm beginning to research for my next vehicle. Right now I drive a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I have LOVED my tahoe! We only have 1 child, but there's potential we will have another in the future. I will NEVER own a minivan.

Does anyone own a Ford Edge or a Chevy Traverse? What are you opinions of them? They both have the same size motor and are in the same price range.

Editted to add: We are not purchasing with cash...its just not possible for us. I'm not looking for financial advise.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have a 2009 Edge as my husband's primary car. I think it is a great car, and has plenty of room. We only have one child (17 months), but I think it would definitely be enough room for 2 children with 2 full car seats in the back. The person sitting in the center though would have to be tiny though.
I disagree on one post about interior space. We have a rear facing car seat in the back seat passenger side, and we don't have to sacrifice leg room in the front, even for a taller person. I've also sat in the back for extended car rides, and there is plenty of leg room even behind the driver's seat. The cargo space is very good and large - I think that you would just have to pack smart and eliminate super large strollers or objects that are cumbersome.
I haven't seen a Traverse, but my guess is that if you have a 3rd row of seats, you're going to sacrifice cargo space. So you have to weigh the trade-off.
The only thing negative I have about the Edge is that I have a hard time with the blind spots. Yes, there are small blind spot mirrors on the side mirrors to help, but I still have the habit of looking back over my shoulder. In this car, I have to strain backwards to see the blind spot clearly, and sometimes can't see it well at all. But I prefer to drive sedans and smaller cars, so that may contribute. The Edge does seem a bit big for me though to want to drive it on a regular basis.
Best of luck to you!

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answers from Cleveland on

I just got a 2008 Edge a couple months ago and I love it. I was surprised on the leg room in the back. Both front seats are all the way back and there is still more leg room than my Taurus.

My only complaint is that the center back seat seems smaller. When my youngest was in her booster seat and my oldest dd's two friends who are teens and a little on the larger size were with us with their school stuff, it was a bit crowded. Now that dd is out of her booster seat, it isn't crowded.

We are going on our first road trip this weekend so we haven't tested how much will fit in the cargo area. Which reminds me, I need to call DH (who works at the dealership) to schedule the appointment to get the cargo cover installed (previous owners didn't have one).

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answers from New York on

We have an Edge and we LOVE it. We are in the process of searching for a new car because #3 will be here in less than a month, and we want 3rd row seating. If you think you are going to stick with 2 kiddos at least for a while, I would highly recommend the Edge.

The trunk is HUGE! Our double stroller fits with plenty of room to spare. One thing that I really like about the Edge is the back seat floor is completely flat. It doesn't have that bump in the middle. So, if you are going on a road trip, there is a ton more storage space on that floor.

Infant and convertible car seats fit well w/o having to move the front seats into the dash.

I honestly don't have 1 complaint about the Edge, I am actually really sad to see it go!

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answers from Detroit on

My parents have an Edge and I have drove it a few times....GREAT car!!! I have also sat in the back in between both my kids in carseats and had good leg room. I have a Ford Flex and LOVE it. Ford is Safety, Safety, Safety these days. I won't drive anything but a Ford. Test drive and see what fits you best.

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answers from San Antonio on

I love my Edge! I have a 2009 SEL and love it! I disagree on interior space. We bought this car based on the amount of room inside! Adults sitting in the back have plenty of leg room (which is hard to find) and I also only have 1 child who is 8 who loves it as well. There is so much room in the back even for more children in the future. I wanted a larger SUV without the third row and this is perfect. The seats fold down if needed to store or carry large items. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Personally we would go with the Chevy, my husband is a Chevy man and not a Ford man.
I drive a GMC and he just got rid of a Sierra, so we are in the market for another.



answers from Washington DC on

I didn't test drive either of the two cars you mentioned, but we bought a Hyundai Veracruz and LOVE it! It isn't too big, but it does have 3 rows and my brother that is 6'3" can fit in the 3rd row! Best of luck!



answers from Augusta on

my step mom has an edge it is AWESOME. she loves it , as my dad says " that car is smarter than me" LOL, the sync is a great system.



answers from Austin on

Buy whichever one you can afford to pay for with cash. Otherwise you can't afford either one. Personally I am saving up to buy the Traverse.



answers from Seattle on

The Edge is smaller than you would think interior wise. It fits everyone just fine but cargo room isn't much, just stating that fact for if/when you do have a second.



answers from Houston on

I would say a Chevy Traverse because it holds up to 7 passengers and you might be having little slumber parties before you know it. :-) Plus I just love the vehicle. I was looking at either a Chevy Traverse or a Buick Enclave. My mother and her 2 sisters have Enclaves and they all love them! From what I found out, the Traverse is pretty much on the same scale with the Enclave.



answers from Houston on

I recieved a 2010 Ford Sport Trac for Christmas. We were on the fence about the Edge or Sport trac. Ford has since eliminated the Sport Trac and Ranger. I am totally with you, I will NEVER drive a!!!
I absolutely LOVE my new truck!!!! It fits my lifestyle (with kid) to a tee!!!
I am not a "Ford", "Chevy", etc person. I think ALL makes and models have their flaws. I did have a Ranger back in 92 that I drove for 110 thousand miles with only ONE mechanical problem....a 100 dollar water pump. My good friend drove "old blue", which was Chevy truck (RIP) for over 200 thousand miles....
Test drive both....when you are in each car, invision what will be in there with you and what would make your life easier.