For Those Who Have Had Breast Augmentation

Updated on October 19, 2015
M.F. asks from Cleveland, TX
4 answers

For those of you who have had a boob job, would you do it again? How was the recovery? Are you happy with your results? Anything else you would like to share?

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answers from Wausau on

I have a few friends who have had reductions and I have a friend with reconstructive augmentation after losing her natural assets to breast cancer. Recovery takes awhile, and you have drain stents for part of it. There is visible scarring in both cases.

I'm not close with anyone who has elected to get surgical augmentation for cosmetic reasons.

When I was younger, I wished I had more of a chest because I was an A cup. I grew a bit more between age 19-21 into a B. Then after having kids I was a D. The main issue after that is that a D is disproportionate to my height, and it was very difficult to find clothing that fit all the aspects of my body well. I'm now a C cup after a few years of natural body adjustment and that works much better, but I still sometimes have a problem fitting dresses to my chest while still being small enough in the waist.

I suggest before you get surgery, you borrow prosthetics from the surgeon and wear them every day and night. Go buy clothing to accommodate that shape. See if you idea of what you want is proportunate or not. :-)

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm at the point where a breast reduction would be nice.
Big boobs are just extra weight for your neck and shoulders.
Small boobs just age SO MUCH MORE nicely - there's less sag factor, the bras are easier, there's a lot less bounce when running or working out, etc.
A lot of women who had them done years ago are either having implants removed or having them redone because of leak issues with the implants.
I'm sure the technology has changed and it might be different now but I just think smaller is better especially as we get older.

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answers from Atlanta on

I've had one after having large boobs all my life and then having some very saggy, deflated breasts after weight loss/pregnancy. I got a lift and augmentation. I would do the lift again in a heart beat. It was wonderful. My issue with the augmentation is that they are too big. I have small implants (280cc), but I wish they were smaller. Everyone always says "you'll wish you went bigger" but I should have only done 150cc to add some more volume to the top portion of the breast. Naked - they look great. But because they aren't as squishy as real breasts, my bra size is huge and I think i look quite large if I'm not clothed in the right way.

Recovery was easy. No drains, stents, etc. I was fine. I also had a tummy tuck at the same time, which did have drains. My drains came out at day 3, and after that, I was back at 85%.



answers from Fayetteville on

I've had a few friends/relatives get a boob job (augmentation). The ones that did it for the right reasons--something they've always wanted, etc. are still happy with their decision. The two who got them for a guy or because they thought it would be life changing, realized they're $10k poorer and still not happy with life. Just do it for the right reason.

I am barely an A. I would love to be a B, but would never sign up for elective surgery.

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