For Those of You Who Have Had Tummy Problems After Gall Bladder Removal?

Updated on December 16, 2014
D.M. asks from Carthage, MO
10 answers

what meds have helped with this? from what I have heard they are kinda like ibs symptoms.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have had such a better time since having mine out. I cannot stress how easy mine was and now I can eat anything I want. I'm so glad I got it out.

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answers from Chicago on

I have had no issues but a friend of mine had to cut out how much bread she ate.



answers from New York on

You should be better after hall bladder out. It takes a few weeks for system to adjust but then no problems. See your doc



answers from Houston on

Got mine out in 2000. I have IBS now. I watch what I eat. Fatty foods, dairy, sometimes salads. I don't have it all the time. It flares up. I take Prilosec OTC when it does flare up. It helps.

I haven't had a flare up in a couple of years. But when I do, oh mama!



answers from Seattle on

No meds. You will definitely need to modify your diet for a while, and then modify when/how you eat things.

Lay off the fatty foods for a while. Your body won't process and you will need to "get rid of" the food quickly, which isn't always convenient.

I had mine out over 15 years ago, and I still need to think about when I eat certain foods. Mostly, I can't eat lots of food, particularly greasy breakfast food, first thing in the morning without consequences. To avoid this, I eat breakfast later and snack on something like an apple early on. Coffee can also have consequences (I put cream in mine), but I tend to drink this really slowly and not in the first hour I wake up, so it's not generally a problem. I call this process "priming my system." Basically, my digestive tract needs a bit of time to wake up.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

My husband had his gallbladder out years ago. From I recall, it took time for his system to adjust to having the gallbladder out. He had some IBS symptoms (mostly softer stools and gas). Your body should adjust though from what I remember. Talk to your doctor and express your concerns. Each person is different.



answers from Denver on

research Caltrate + D and diarrhea. I did this for a little while after my gallbladder surgery and it did help. Mine wasn't that bad though and there are still foods that I know will send me to the bathroom. Although I don't get gas pains or anything like that. Just have to go is all.


answers from Columbia on

The fact is, you have to modify your diet after you have your gallbladder out if you want to avoid gastric distress. No greasy or fried foods, low fat. You can expect that without the organ that processes fats you are going to have to make a change.


answers from Iowa City on

My mom takes famotidine. But what has really helped her is to have a low fat, plant based diet.



answers from Atlanta on

I've had mine out and never had any issues - I can eat whatever I want. So, a low fat diet isn't necessarily required.

However, my good friend had hers out (always eats low fat, always did) and she has issues and needs meds on a daily basis. I don't remember what she was taking, but it was some powder that you pour in a drink. Yes, her symptoms were the same as IBS. After years of being on the medicine, her body swung the other way and she was getting overly constipated and needed to switch to some other medicine.

But, complications and medicine are outside the norm. Most people get their gall bladder out and go back to living normal lives.

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