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Updated on April 02, 2011
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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When do boys start getting pubic hair? My son is almost 8 and there is some dark fuzz developing. I guess I thought it would be farther down the road.....your experiences?

Will be asking pediatrician at the 8 year well-child but am curious now as to others experiences.

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answers from Modesto on

I never got to see my sons pubic hair...but I believe it was at the same time the underarm hair came in, that would be my guess and recollection and that happened right around age 12 for both of my sons. I did ask them if they were getting hair on their "genitalia" after I noticed it under the arms and they told me "yup". That's also the time they started needng underarm deodorant as well.
I dont think I saw them "nekkid" anymore at around age 10.

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answers from Seattle on

My 8yo has had fuzz/darker/thicker blond hair for about a year. No changes beyond that in 12mo time. The hair on his head changed a bit as well. The last time this happened (hair changes) was at about 5yo. He got leg fuzz (still blond, but it's that different quality) and his toddler hair changed into "boy" hair.

At both of these switches (5 & 7) he also had a few months of time where he needed deodorant. Our ped says everything is normal. That kids go through hormonal fluctuations for short periods of time that make minor alterations to hair & skin texture (along with other things beneath the skin we don't see). But that these changes in no way herald puberty... just normal growth and development.

Continuing in his same growth pattern, I would guess the next O. to be at about age 9, and again at 11. Kiddo's been doing the repeat of the 'terrible 3's' thing this year (cognitive emotional integration), so it would make sense that hormones and glandular schtuff should follow. I've noticed the brain tends to ease kids into phases rather than do everything all at once.

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answers from Biloxi on

Mine had noticeable hair at about 10 years old. At 13 he had a fuzzy upper lip - that he was very proud of!!! He finally started "shaving" after two of my co-workers told him to - my saying so fell on deaf ears. Now he buzzes it off about once a week. He just started with underarm hair this year at 14 but has had lots of hair down there for awhile he tells me - I will not check. :)

I don't think fuzz is at 8 is that premature. Also, don't forget genetics play a part in this. I can pretty much tell my son that he will not have chest hair - it just doesn't run in his family tree....he was kinda' disappointed over that O..

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answers from Austin on

My son is 10 today is his b day and he is getting hair under his arms

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answers from Philadelphia on

my friends daughter same age,getting pubic hairs. i remember getting them around nine or ten. all kids are different. i would say ages eight to eleven is normal. each child is different,

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answers from Chicago on

I have 3 boys ages 15 1/2 , 22 and 21. the oldest started getting hair there at about 11, next boy not till he was closer to 13. youngest son started getting hair everywhere at about 10. so no solid time frame just anywher from 10 up or so.

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answers from Chicago on

My sister's boys started around 8 too ... it is trending earlier and earlier from my understanding ... my son is 4 now and I will be paying attention to this around 8 as well.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Honestly, I don't know if mine has it or doesn't. lol
I don't inspect and haven't for quite some time.

But, he doesn't have facial hair yet (not even any peach fuzz on the lip) and he will be 13 this summer. He has had O. spot on his face look like he is about to get a pimple a couple of different times, but nothing ever emerged. His cousin, who is just 4 months older, had fuzz on his lip 2 summers ago and acne was kicking into full gear already. So, who knows? I think genetics plays a big part here.... have you asked hubby how old HE was?

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answers from Lincoln on

My two oldest are 12 & 13, nothing developing yet. :-)

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answers from Honolulu on

Try asking your Pediatrician.

There is such a thing as precocious puberty... whereby some things like that occur earlier than normal.

All I know is, kids that age also have hair on their legs.
My daughter is 8. They/her classmates have leg fuzz.

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answers from Austin on

My little guy is 8 and nope, nothing yet. I thought it would be later on too.....hmmmm let us know what th pedi said.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Part of the reason kids are hitting puberty earlier is the growth hormones in dairy. Only recently has it been outed as having a negative effect on humans, but there has definitely been a trend toward earlier and earlier puberty, which is very problematic for kids who are not mentally and emotionally mature enough to cope with the changes.

I recommend organic dairy, but it can be pricey. More and more companies are producing milk and cheese with the "no rBST / rBGH" label, indicating that they do not use growth hormones, so look for these is you're not going organic.

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