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Updated on November 28, 2011
M.A. asks from Detroit, MI
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Where do you purchase your winter gear? HELP!!!

I have been looking forever for a new parka or heavy duty winter coat for our daily 4 mile dog walks, cannot find one anywhere around here in Detroit! Found one online, but it has real fur, that is a big no-no for me, and my Jr. bean would attack it like my fake fur boots! My stepdad let me borrow his hunting jacket, but he needs it for hunting (the store he purchased it from is out of business and the tag of the maker is worn off)…so I was out in all that early morning madness Friday looking at all the great deals on “heavy” winter coats only to find thin, expensive jackets.

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answers from Eugene on

Go online to North Face. I am a winter camper and so I love their gear. LL Bean also has boots and coats that last forever.

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answers from New York on

Go to LLBean, Eddie Bauer, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop. Any of these places
have what you are looking for. The coats may seem thinner due to new
materials, but they are just as warm. It usually will tell you the temperatures it is good for.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My nephew, an avid outdoors-guy, likes REI for his outdoor gear. Have you looked there?

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answers from New York on

lands end. they run specials almost daily, go to retailmenot.com and check what discount coupons is lands end having for that day. also, the coat doesn't have to be heavy in order for it to be warm. lands end has their coats by temp. rating.


answers from Washington DC on

go to ebay.com, amazon.com or goodwill.org - search for heavy winter jackets there.

I don't know your size. I have a HEAVY suede jacket that is just too hot for me. I THINK it's a size L - if you want - PM your size and measurements and we can see what we can do!!!



answers from Houston on

Go to a sporting goods store. Down here, we have Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain and Academy.


answers from Lakeland on

I would try and find an LL Bean store (or buy online) or a ski shop. I have found that the ski jackets are the warmest. Most are also light weight. Also get some long underwear, they will help keep you warm too.

I used to live in eastern PA and NJ. Winters there get very cold too.


answers from Minneapolis on

Don't let the weight of the coats affect your decision. A true good quality, warm coat/jacket will cost you some money. But it likely will last a long time if cared for properly. As others have said, LLBean, Lands End, local Sporting goods, outdoor type shops, etc.

We are avid mountain snowmobilers. We wear Klim gear. Its super lightweight as we need less bulk and manueverability (sp) for our sport. But its spendy. BUT, we have had it for aobut 4 years and expect it to last many many more with the handful of times a year we use it.

Look for the tags that say what the temp ratings are. If there are none, move onto another brand.

Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

I second the Land's End recommendation. Two years ago I bought myself a coat from their catalog -- after buying my kids coats from there for years and years. It is THE warmest winter coat I've ever had. They tell you in the catalog the temperature rating of the coat. They are a little pricey, but I can tell you they are worth it. I've always been impressed with their kids' winter apparel.


answers from Chicago on

Most coats now-a-days are made with thinner materials. That doesn't mean that they are less warm. You need something that is warm, windproof and waterproof. So you want a coat that has a fleece inner layer and a water/windproof outer layer. You probably want something that covers your bottom or legs as well. Try looking here:


Columbia makes great winter coats. You can find them at Kohl's too. I bought a bubble coat from Old Navy and I didn't think it would be warm, but it really is! I wish I had bought one that was stadium length.



answers from Minneapolis on

We really like Lands' End.



answers from Amarillo on

I don't know where you would find them by Obermeyer has good warm lightweight clothing. I have a ski jacket that is 20 plus years old and is still warm.

As others have given you places to check I won't repeat them. But you get what you pay for. Remember to try everything on as the cut changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. If it says something larger than you wear don't get upset just get it and enjoy being comfy on your long walks with the dogs.

Happy holidays.

The other S.

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