Footling Breech @ 39 Wks

Updated on January 07, 2011
B.C. asks from Kirkland, WA
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is it possible going from head down to footling breech @ 39wks for the baby to move feet from birth canal?

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answers from Seattle on

My chiropractor has a lot of success getting babies to turn head down with the Webster technique. His name is Scott Mindel at belltown chiropractic ###-###-#### (I think without looking it up!) it's getting late but acupuncture with moxa works too. Some good midwives are at puget sound birth center in Kirkland, Suzanne thomson in greenwood. Good luck! My baby was too big to turn after 36 weeks but I've heard of it happening!


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answers from Portland on

babies can turn even while in labor, it is not an automatic reason for a c-birth. You could also look at it is a website designed to help you with positions and other techniques to get baby to turn. I have given birth to a frank breech and a footling breech, if you want to talk let me know. If you are comfortable with changing care providers I would look up your local midwifery council and see if you can find a footling breech friendly midwife. I believe WA laws state that it would have to be a home birth, please double check that, but if you want to avoid a c-birth those are my best recommendations.

Good luck


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answers from Eugene on

Your doctor wants to perform a C section. They all do since they aren't trained in how to do a footling presentation. That is a common presentation and all doctors in the past knew to pull slowly on the feet and the baby would slip out of the very well olive oiled vagina.
They only know to cut today since skills are gone and insurance pays so much extra.
Change the side of the bed you are sleeping on. If you slept on the left change to the right or vice versa. Stay there every night. If you have two weeks the baby will most likely flip over. This is an old Native American procedure.
Also if your husband sleeps with his back to you have him change to the spoon position.
Get yourself to a very experienced Acupuncturist. She/he can get the baby to move as well.

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answers from Gainesville on

Anything is possible but just be prepared that baby may not turn back to head down.



answers from Dallas on

Yep. My daughter turned the day I checked into the hospital for my c-section. Unfortunately she flipped between the time they did the ultrasound and when they started cutting. She's still stubborn and does things her own way :-)



answers from Cincinnati on

In answer to your first question, yes, babies can turn summersaults at any point during the pregnancy, even in the middle of labor. I don't know the answer to your second question.



answers from Seattle on

My son was a large baby, and at a month before delivery, the ob informed me not only was he concerned about placenta prevea (sp?) but he was breach. Two weeks before I delivered I was laying partly on my stomach in the middle of the night and he turned. I woke and literally lifted off my bed when he turned. When I went to the doctor he was very pleased.


answers from Tampa on

You should REALLY contact a Midwife. They deal with this stuff on a daily basis and have many years experience, especially when it's a multi-Midwife Birthing Center!!

And yes, anything is possible. There are 'tricks of the trade' midwives use to ensure the baby is more likely to move than Dr's just talking about it and then giving you a cesarean.

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