Food to Take for Toddler on Airplane

Updated on October 10, 2009
J.G. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Hi moms,
My family is going to Disney in a week and I am trying to figure out what I can and cannot take on the plane (or pack). I was wanting to make some nutrious snacks for him and freeze them to take. I was also hoping to take cheese sticks, and any other ideas would be appreciated :).I don't know if these would need to be pack in my checked bag or in a carry-on bag. Has anyone done this with children before? Thanks!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I tried those individual fruit cups, and that wouldn't work because of the liquid and it didn't state the size. Just wanted to warn you about that. Also, those yogurt squeezes, unless they say the size on them, and it is less than 3 oz, you might have to throw that out. Just to be aware. Quite frustrating when you have packed things and have to throw them away. When I flew out of AZ, they went by the size the package said, whether it was a full container or not. Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I just shared this idea with another mom this AM.. I got it off of some morning talkshow..I tried it and it's super good.

Slice a banana lengthwise..fill with peanut butter

You can add dried fruit, I used cherry flavored cranberries I had on hand,

Wrap it snugly with plastic wrap and place in freezer. When it becomes bone hard take it out, unwrap it and slice into coins, probably by the inch or so. Very surprising cool treat'

That's all I got
Good night.



answers from Cleveland on

Just can't pack liquid or jells greater than 3oz. If you have any you will get though security more slowly. I froze cheese sticks so they stayed fresh a little longer. Dried fruit is great. Crackers, fruit.... just have to get drinks after security.



answers from Dayton on

Hi J.,

I have always taken snacks on the plane with me. some things that might be good are: a baggie of cheerios, one of the yogurts in the sqeeze tube (you can freeze or chill them), cheese sticks like you said. Gerber also make individually wrapped fruit chewys and yogurt melts in their graduate brand.



answers from Indianapolis on

i took snack and they didn't even say anything. they did test his milk that i took on the plane but food they didn't question. i think i had raisins, animal crackers, yogurt melts, etc. :) they didn't even look at it it was just in the diaper bag.



answers from Atlanta on

Have traveled on planes with daughter several times. If you have a small freezer bag/tote that fits inside of your carry on that works great. You cannot pack food in you checked bags. Well you can pack it but it must be unparishable. Be careful what you pack, no liquids. Cheese sticks work great, Gogurts... if your kids aren't messy. Nutra-grain bars or similar. Apples w/dip carrot sticks, etc. Pack everything in zip-lock bags. I would say it is best to stick with dry goods, trail mix and such. So the airline or TSA doesn't cause problems. Don't forget bibs, cloths, wet whipes, etc. Forget the drinks you won't get past security, buy them before you get on the plane. Don't worry so much the airlines offer snacks and if your kids don't eat them save them for later. If you are worried about having snacks when you get there I would pack all dry goods. And by the time you get to Disney your kids will be so preoccupied that they won't even want to stop and eat period.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I just flew in June, and I couldn't even take my roll I had bought at Starbucks through the check out, so I'd suggest planning on buying stuff there at one of the convenient stores. They have milk and stuff, plus lots of different types of snacks that would be good for a toddler. I have one piece of advice though....don't overdue your packing. We flew with our 1 year old and 2 year old on a 4 hour flight, and I was so worried about keeping them busy that I had 4 bags, and it was AWFUL carrying it all through the airport, and keeping it all somewhat organized on the actual flight. I recommend you grabbing a few things that he enjoys doing, and stick with that. If you have a laptop, I would bring his favorite movie to watch. I brought coloring book/crayons, and a magnetic puzzle that kept mine the most occupied during the flight. Also, I know you said you want nutritious stuff, but buy a few suckers before you board just in case you need something to keep him quiet and happy, just in case he has a meltdown. My two year old had a little episode at first because the takeoff was scary for her, but once I gave her a lollipop (which is a pretty big treat for my kids since they don't eat candy very often), she was fine.



answers from Cleveland on

I have flown with my 2 kids a lot. I have learned to pack both nutritious treats and also food they normally dont get to eat on a daily basis. I pack pretzels, grapes, apples, strawberries etc. As far as the other food pringles chips, geber makes a arrowroot cookie (it is in the baby food section they are more nutritious and they taste great!) and candy, animal crackers. I bring out only 1 food item at a time and then when they are done with that I bring out the next treat. We flew for 4 hrs and they were solely kept occupied my eating small amounts of each treat. I didnt even have to bring out any of the toys that we brought. Dont feel bad if they dont eat completely healthy for a couple of hours. It is not like they eat that way everyday. It has kept my kids happy and they know it is something fun when they get to fly. Otherwise we dont keep those kinds of unhealthy food in our house. Hope that helps you out!



answers from Boston on

Technically, you're not allowed to have peanut butter, yogurts, anything creamy. I think there MIGHT be an exception if it is a sealed and labeled container (not self-labled that it is under the 3oz, but that's hard to find.) Best to skip that stuff. I've traveled for nearly a decade a lot with toddlers and babies. Small items that you can piece out and give "one by one" are key. They become an activity to help them sit still- especially if you are stuck on the tarmace for a delay for an hour. Also, I bring a couple dozen of those dum dum lollipops. They don't crack like other lollipops and they are amazing for keeping the toddler's ears clear on takeoff and landing (buying juiceboxes after security will work too, but the lollipops last longer.) I always have flight attendants asking me for some for the screaming toddlers on takeoff and landing whose ears are giving them problems, so I bring extra to share.

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