Food Poisoning While Pregnant

Updated on June 29, 2008
J.V. asks from Buda, TX
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My daughter is beside herself due to getting food poisoning while pregnant...and is so afraid something will be wrong with the baby. She is almost 5 months along and did not get dehydrated. They are waiting for results to see if it is a bacteria or parasite ... or...
meanwhile she is going on line reading about pregnancy and food poisoning and freaking out. She saw the ob.gyn yesterday and she said everything is okay.......

Any one experience food poisoning and have any problems with baby due to it?? Or any one have it and NOT have problems.

Grandma to Be

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answers from Austin on

I don't have experience with food problems while pregnant, but I have been pregnant and I have had a second-hand experience when my husband was facing a serious illness. I'll address his illness first. He was diagnosed eight years ago with Hepatitis C. He read everything he could on the internet and at the bookstore. The current information he found was he had at best 5 years to live. When we met with the doctor to discuss his treatment, we learned the Internet and books were not up-to-date and he has since been cured. POINT #1 Don't stake her situation on what you read.

Point #2 is if you are a believer, keep the faith. Know that whatever the outcome, God has a purpose and plan for those who are called according to His purpose and will. (Romans 8:28)Pray that your faith will be increased, for peace of mind, and for God's grace to sustain your family in this situation. Ask for healing of any lasting effects from the virus in your daughter's body - NOTHING is impossible for God. Get the prayer chain going through your friends, church, etc. There is power of prayer. If your family are not believers, I pray you will seek God, for if you seek, you will find. If you don't know where to look, begin by reading the Bible's New Testament book of John, talk to a pastor, or someone you know who walks the talk.

I assure you, God knows you and loves you. There is nothing more precious than human life to God.

You and your family are in my prayers.




answers from Austin on

Hi J.
I did have food poisoning (or at least some type of stomach bug) when I was about four months pregnant with my daughter. My whole system seemed to very sensitive during both of my pregnancies. I could not eat for several days and had horrible diarrhea (I'll spare you the details!)
Anyway, my lovely daughter was born five months later and was perfect!!! She was a little bit small (5lbs 7 oz), but I don't think that was from the virus.
She is now 5 ft 7 in. and wonderful (21 years old).
I hope this helps.
Congratulations on being a new grandmother!



answers from Austin on

I had food poisoning with my first child, and everything worked out fine. With my second I got really sick 2 weeks before she was born, kinda felt like food poisoning to tenth degree, she was fine also. It is just scary to get sick when you are pregnant. I am sure everything will work out. Good luck.



answers from Austin on

I had it about the same time and was also worried. I vomited for over 24 hours among other things. THe nurses that I talked to assured me that everything would be fine and I just focus on staying hydrated. He is now 6 1/2 months and healthy as ever:)

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