Food Ideas to Bring to a Super Bowl Party

Updated on January 06, 2014
M.L. asks from Conneaut, OH
12 answers

I over think and worry about what others are bringing, 40 people and I don't have any way of knowing what everyone is bringing.
something relatiavely simple, something that will be appealing w a little hint of a wow factor, lol.

any great ideas?

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answers from Chattanooga on

I make a super simple dip, that everyone raves over. Actually, I got it from my MIL. Any time my hubby's friends come over they get pretty excited over it.

All it is is cream cheese, sandwich ham, and green onions.

-Let the cream cheese soften until you can mix it.
-Then chop ham into small squares. (I like using Black Forest, but most any kind tasts great. The better ham you get, the better the dip.) I typically use 3/4 of a package for 3 blocks of cream cheese.
-chop green onions. Again, for 3 blocks I will use about 8-9 onions.
(Ham and green onion can have more or less for personal preference...)
-just mix it all together and serve with ritz.

Another idea would be to browse Pinterst for an awesome dip to go with veggies. Then just prepare a veggie tray and the dip. It's always nice to have a healthier alternative for hings like this when junk food is traditionally served.

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answers from Phoenix on

Super easy pizza dip- saute whatever you like on a pizza- sausage and pepperoni for carnivores, mushrooms and peppers, whatever. Make sure everything is chopped up relatively small, spread the cooked toppings in the bottom of a shallow casserole dish. Soften a brick of cream cheese and spread evenly over the toppings. Pour pizza sauce over that, then top with mozzarella cheese. Bake for about 30 min at 325, broil for a few minutes to brown the cheese. Serve with chips or bread sticks or sliced French bread.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I do veggie pizza. You chop red onions, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, really any fresh veggie you love. Some add shredded carrots and some even add cheese. I like the fresh taste with out those items though. It's basically to your own taste.

Then take a roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Spread the whole roll out in a rectangular pan and cook them to a LIGHT golden brown. You don't want them too crunchy. Cool completely.

The put a ranch style dressing on the cool crust and sprinkle to chopped veggies over it. Press them down into the spread so they don't fall off.

Getting the sauce/dressing is important. If you're not fond of a ranch style dressing then try some others that go with fresh veggies.

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answers from Los Angeles on

make some sort of dip. cream cheese, shredded cheddar, sour cream, green onions, hot sauce, cilantro, bacon, and so on. you almost cant go wrong. bring pretzel sticks, pita chips, veggies and crackers to dip/spread. Or you could do a fruit dip with cream cheese/sour cream/yogurt with fruit juice and have fruit (and maybe cookies like graham crackers, nilla wafers and so on) to be different.



answers from Chicago on

We make this super easy dip that is always a hit. It is embarrassingly simple to make. You melt a block of velveeta and add two cans of Rotel spicy tomatoes to make a queso dip. we serve in our fondue pot and serve with scoops chips. (We combine them at home and reheat at the party.)

No it's not healthy but great for a cold day with drinking going on!



answers from Washington DC on

Don't forget dessert!!



answers from Orlando on

i make a buffalo chicken dip that people LOVE. you use franks hot sauce. i'm sure if you google franks hot sauce buffalo chicken dip the recipe will pop up.



answers from Washington DC on

Check with the hosts before you do this, but I have set up a grilled cheese station or waffle station at potlucks before.
For the grilled cheese station, I put out my sandwich maker and a spray bottle with a 50/50 butter and oil mixture. I had a loaf of good whole wheat and a loaf of white, pre-sliced American cheese, colby jack, mozarella, and gouda, sliced tomatoes, basil,thin-sliced ham, pickles, and sliced granny smith apples (put these in a bowl of water).People made their own grilled cheese sandwiches to order. It was very popular and at the end, all I had left to take home was my sandwich maker, the spray bottle, and the bowl from the sliced apples.
I've done the same thing with my waffle maker, a pitcher of batter (se tin a big bowl of ice), syrup, butter, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries (with a bit of sugar). I just provided the supplies and people made their own waffles. I did this for the New Year's Day brunch at my church because my joints hurt too much to stand in the kitchen that morning making deviled eggs.



answers from Killeen on

I make the same dip as Marie C with the cream cheese ham and green onion,but, we add crushed pineapple(drained) chopped pecans, seasoned salt and a tiny bit of powdered sugar. It sounds weird but it really is good and everybody loves it! You can also make cheese balls out of it and roll it in the chopped pecans for a nicer presentation.



answers from Philadelphia on

No wow factor but soft pretzels always are a hit.

A fruit tray with fruit dip is always popular too.

You could also purchase a ham and cheese stromboli and serve on a decorative tray. Huge hit and some what unique.

If you have access to an oven... Pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks,

Chicken wings or chicken fingers and dips

Cheese and crackers



answers from Honolulu on

Its easy and good.
And you can add anything to it... there are SO many versions of it.
Restaurants here serve all kinds. Even "Asian" types... with a sweet chili sauce on it etc. Good stuff.



answers from Los Angeles on

Layered taco dip (complete w/sour cream, salsa, shred cheese etc).
Lil smokies (mini weiners in bbq sauce) keep in mini crockpot
Mini quiches (buy in frozen section, bake in oven...voila).
Mini sub sanwiches (make on those Hawaiin rolls just put sliced deli meat
& sliced cheese) then arrange into a wreath. Be sure to provide spicy
You could make a tree of glazed donut holes dripped in honey, I think, &
sprinkles. Google for a picture.
Make a tray of mini bites (little squares of baked lasagna, mini quiches, & those spoons w/butternut squash etc.)

Edit: mini pizzas (you can make diff kinds pepperoni, diced chicken w/bbq sauce & red onions etc).

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