Food from Target/ Walmart?

Updated on October 19, 2010
J.S. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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Hi moms,
I often buy food usually (boxed or canned) from walmart or target. After all this recalled stuff with lead in it, do you think it is safe to buy food and clothing products products from them? Is it seconds or defective in some way? Some items are just soo much cheaper.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have no problem buying bread, cereals, canned foods, donuts, etc from Target and Walmart. I also like the Archer Farms brand from Target. I just can' bring myself to buy milk and cheese there. There is something about food sitting next to jeans in a cart that I can't get past!

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answers from Anchorage on

I think it is fine to still shop there.

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answers from Boise on

Other than fruits and meats, I buy almost all my food at Walmart. They are able to buy in bulk which is why it is cheaper, they aren't 2nds.

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answers from Dallas on

I stick to name brands. I do like Target and will shop there on occasion for toiletries.

My primary shopping is done at Market Street, Costco and all meats are purchased my my local butcher shop.

As for Walmart, they are known for shady practices and how they wear down suppliers. I know in our industry.... if an order is for walmart, a cheaper material is used so they can have that fantastic low price.

I boycott walmart, will not go near there or sams. They are also known for poor treatment of their employees.

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answers from Detroit on

target and walmart have the same food as every other grocery store.. it is just as safe and any thing.

there have not been any food recalls for lead.

are you talking about all the kid toys that were recalled for lead? those cannot contaminate the boxed and canned food.

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answers from Atlanta on

No -Target and Walmart don't carry "seconds." You would find those in "food outlet" stores and perhaps some dollar stores. The food I buy at Target is actually quite good, and their Archer Farms brand is great! Do be careful about some Walmart brand products (and maybe some Target stuff too -I just haven't seen it there) and where they're manufactured. For example, some Walmart apple juice comes from apple concentrate out of Mexico and Central America. They still use pesticides that we banned years ago! They also have more lax controls at plants and processing facilities sometime. You should look at labels depending on what you're buying and see where it's manufactured, but huge big box stores like that are usually on the safer side. With the lead issue -especially dealing with toys, clothes and food from China -importers and chain stores have gotten very stringent.

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answers from Tulsa on

I just can't believe some people. Wal-Mart has the same groceries as any other grocery store, goodness gracious, what world do you live in? Milk is milk, cheese is cheese, Kraft is Kraft, Wonder Bread is Wonder Bread.

If you want to pay $5.98 at Homeland for the exact same water they have at Wal-Mart for $2.98 then go ahead but don't insult those of us that choose to buy frugally.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I try to avoid WalMart on principal--not for fear of lead in food.
But I believe the suspect items are look-alikes often sold in the dollar stores.
Target has better food deals anyway!



answers from Dallas on

They are cheaper because of the volume they can buy. Also, they also save money on things like shipping. They may actually be an account operating at a loss for a shipping company, but the material fills the trucks. The vegetable recall for Walmart also applies to Kroger. I also really like the Target store brand - Archer Farms.



answers from McAllen on

I buy a lot from walmart, and always have been very happy. The only thing I buy elsewhere is the meat and some produce. I don't think they do seconds, they have a strict purchasing policy. Also I know for a fact they are inspected regularly and on a different level.



answers from Memphis on

I buy food from walmart, target and kroger. Kroger is going through a recall right now on some of their frozen veggies.



answers from Fort Collins on

The most important thing to remember when grocery shopping is to fill your cart mostly with healthy whole foods (i.e. fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, brown rice, pasta, etc.) These foods are usually the most economical no matter where you shop, and can be the least time-consuming to prepare with the help of a slow cooker. I try to stick with the bulk food aisle. Then there's minimal worry about what kind of packaging the food came in.



answers from State College on

I buy a lot of food at Walmart, we have a really nice. It is where I buy milk too, only place in town where you can buy milk that says no rbst and the rest of the places you can't tell for sure if the cows have had hormones or not. I do buy most of my meat from other stores, but not all of it



answers from Denver on

I buy a lot of things from Target and Wal-Mart, especially when they have good sales. Target seems to mark down cereal alot so we stock up when they do.

With all of the recalls going on from China, I have been more diligent about checking labels to see where the product originated from. So far it's only been a few things. I believe that if a market is selling "seconds", they have to advertise them as such. I've never heard of their products being lower quality.


answers from Houston on

Its fine, they are "as contaminated" as the rest, plus walmart and target have more visits from health inspectors, and restock their shelves much more than a lot of other stores, i actually think this ensures a safer product.

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