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Updated on January 08, 2010
K.B. asks from Battle Creek, MI
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My son loves the wizard of oz! I made wizard of oz party invitations. I am looking for ideas for themed food? Heart shaped cookies will be tin man treats and we will have a wizard of oz cake. Any other suggestions would be great and / or decorating ideas to make things over the rainbow feel for the party! Thanks for any suggestions.

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answers from Detroit on

Rainbow sherbet is easy to find.



answers from Benton Harbor on

I see some one has already mentioned rainbow sherbet.
also check out these websites as well. The last one actually has a lot of food items listed.



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I can help you with decorating ideas! This is my hobby, I decorate elaborately for parties and holidays and love coming up with new and inovative ways to do it! Fun theme to work with. A few things come to mind right away for me. Blue & white checked tablecloth, red plates, cups & knapkins. Build a yellow brick road table runner with felt accross the table like a curvy runner (I use hot glue for everthing. Hang flying monkeys from the ceiling (I would just add wings to monkey decorations, use clear fishing wire to hang. Basket in the corner with a little stuffed animal Toto in it. Rainbow goodie bags. Green "emerald" ring pops, skittles, etc. Just some starters!



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Omigosh! Well you have to somehow remember the emerald for Emerald City. Green sprinkles? And are you going to remember the witch? That'd be a cookie cutter. If you can find a cookiecutter shoe shaped, put red sprinkles on it. The ruby slippers are very important.
sounds like fun! Have a good time and lots of fun!

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