Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity

Updated on September 13, 2011
S.T. asks from Liberty, MO
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we had our first food reaction with one of the twins tonight. poor lil Sean cannot eat banana's it seems. his poor face got super red and blotchy all over and his face got all puffy and he had tears just streaming down his face. He didnt have any issues with breathing or anything though, thank God!!!!! It was pretty bad. and his brother, Conner, was just sitting next to him eating away. Our oldest boy had the same type of reaction to apples when he was little, but not as bad as this one. He eventually outgrew it though, and now apples are his favorite fruit. But, with Ian I would have to look at every single food label to make sure there were no apples in it, and I was pretty shocked to find out how many baby foods (even organic) had apples in them. but like I said, he outgrew it by the time he was around 1 1/2 or so. The ONLY issues he has is that if he drinks more than a few ounces of apple juice he will have massive diahhrea for 2 or 3 DAYS after and gets a terrible diaper rash, but he can eat 2 or 3 whole apples a day and have no problem...weird... So, I am hoping Sean will outgrow the banana thing. so I guess my question is would this be considered an allergy or a sensitivity, in your opinion? did you have a little one who had issues similar and then outgrew them???

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies!!! I will be talking to the pediatrician at our next check up. for now I will just make sure he doesnt have anymore bananas. I felt so bad, there he was all red and puffy and crying while his twin was just downing the nana's....Ian was lactose intolerant until a little after his first birthday and then he finally outgrew that. I have lots of allergies, mostly seasonal. I just hope it isnt something he gets stuck with for life. personally I cant stand bananas, love the flavor but cant handle the texture. but my MIL makes the worlds best banana bread. I want my lil guy to be able to eat it too.

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We didn't have any reaction that I noticed for almost two years. Then at around 2 my daughter started breaking out.
She is allergic to 22 different food items including rice, bananas, apricots, mangoes, spinach, soy, rosemary, peanut butter (but not peanuts), Brazil nuts, the list goes on.
We have had her tested three times. Each time she comes back allergic to something not on the list, but the items she breaks out to do not cause reactions in the doctor's office. She cannot touch rice without having a fullblown hives attack. She does not pop positive for rice.
The doctors for her first eye surgery had a huge reaction to the adhesive and the latex drape. So they told me to always insist she is allergic to latex, better safe than sorry.
Our doctor has prescribed an epipen, just in case. She is also on a Claritin everyday. Benadryl has kept her reactions at bay for the most part.

I am not trying to scare you. She has not grown out of any food allergies and has gained more as she has grown. She is now 13. I think she was probably miserable as a baby, she didn't learn to talk or walk for a long time and was very fussy.

Incidently, I love bananas, but while pregnant with J I could not go near them. Even the smell would send me reeling.

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My son had this same exact reaction the first time he had mashed potatoes. A relative gave him mashed potatoes about 6 months later symptom free, and he never had a reaction again.

I suppose I would ask the pedi and maybe hold off on giving bananas for a while.

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were the bananas organic....if not, maybe it's the coating opposed to the actual fruit! ?? maybe?? Good Luck!

My younger son is allergic to peanut. He developed this allergy at age 4. The allergist said it was due to over-indulgence.

He is now 15 & is trying to add peanut back into his diet. The dr told us to try this once a year. Here we are....11 years later....& have yet to achieve this goal. Still trying.

Conversely, he also developed an allergy to shrimp in the past year. It was one of his fav this one is hitting hard!

Some kids are lucky & are able to outgrow allergies....I hope this is the case for you!

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It doesn't really matter if it's an allergy or intolerance or still need to avoid the food. My daughter had a lot of food issues (we've had her treated with holistic treatments and now she can eat anything) but all the allergy tests showed was a little bit of a milk allergy. We just paid attention to what she ate and figured her out for ourselves.

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