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Updated on June 14, 2009
I.H. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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My son is going to be 2 in September (he is now almost 21 months old). Recently he had 2 episodes of food allergies that got me concern while he was eating the following:
- Fried Egg
- Cupcake

The symptoms:
- A red rash around the mount and neck that went away after a few minutes. As soon as the care giver saw that he was turning red, they took the food away from him.

Looks like this is a food allergy. He is a VERY good eater every since he was little and only recently has showed a few symptoms. He ate everything without having any problems. Now he eats a LOT (he's on 90th percentile) and drinks a TON of milk (3 7oz bottles a day). He LOVES to eat and he loves his milk.

I would like to hear from other moms if you experienced anything like this. Could he be developing food allergies at 21 months? Is he drinking too much dairy?

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

We took my son to the allergist and the doctor confirmed he is allergic to eggs! However, he has eaten cupcakes (on my watch at home - I have his meds there) and he has not had any reactions. The doctor mentioned that 2/3 of children with egg allergies grow out of it, so I'm hoping this will be the case. I will make another appointment to check in with the doctor. Thank you for all your wonderful responses!!!

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answers from New York on

Sounds like he is allergic to eggs. PLEASE take him to see a Pediatric Allergist immediately. Allergies are progressive, in other words, they get worst. You really want to get him seen right away.

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answers from Albany on

Yes, it sounds like an allergy. My second son showed he was allergic to carrot baby food (was not allergic when it was organic baby food) once and broke out around the face. That is why it is recommended that you try from 3 to 5 days of same food for the baby because sometimes the body doesn't react to the food at first time or even second time. Your baby's body (everyone's body for that matter) will react to something after it has been exposed to and can take a few more times before it will show something it is allergic to. Now, my son is not allergic to carrots, even the non organic carrots. They can outgrow it, but at this point in time, have your child checked for allergies since you have noticed the symptoms. Babies can have allergies at that age. Age does not matter, it's the make up of the baby that can't handle some things.I don't think he's drinking too much diary, but if he develops allergic reaction to milk too, perhaps he's allergic to that milk. Just have him checked. You're a good mom for noticing this. Way to go Mom!



answers from New York on

Hi, I..

Food allergies are tough ones. They can develop at any age without warning. One of the signs of a food allergy is flourcent stool. Your son will also experience a lot of discomfort and may even have liquid stools. My niece even experienced an external burn from the acid in Ketchup and tomato sauce around the outside of her mouth. I suggest cutting back on the food that you suspect is the culperate. Give your son two or three days before trying the foods again. You may also want to keep some Benedyrl close by so that if he experiences problems, you can head it off. If he has the reaction again, mention it to your ped because he sometimes has some great suggestions.

I have a food allergic child. It's a challenge, but you do get through it. You'd be surprised just how many alternatives there are out there for children who have allergies.

Good luck with your son.

S. D



answers from New York on

You should be commended for being so observant to acknowledge the symptoms your son has - often people discount symptoms. Symptoms are the body's way of alerting you to something being not right. An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system.

In my opinion, I wouldn't push so much dairy. Often children that crave dairy like that, develop an allergy to it - and so much of it has hormones & toxins in it.

I am not telling you to see the doctor, however don't jump to put him on anything that masks the symptoms.

I would get him on a good supplementation system - this will normalize the immune system. There is a good presentation called "got HealtH...Or just chasing after it." available at

If I can be of any help, please ask.




answers from New York on

Just my additional two cents -- in the baby food book I have, the author mentioned that being allergic to egg whites is not uncommon in babies, which I had never heard of before, while the yolks are generally okay. So when making omletes and such to just use scrambled yolks. But I agree with those below that I would get him checked out by an allergist.



answers from New York on

This is exactly the time that both of my boys developed food allergies. Egg is the obvious culprit here since it is a component of both items. I would avoid eggs until you can get him tested at an allergist's office. Even though his first exposure or two was mild, they usually get more severe with each exposure and you surely want to find out for sure before something more serious happens. DON'T test him yourself as the first poster suggested!

If it is an egg allergy, you will be lucky because that is one allergy that is often outgrown. :)

Good luck!



answers from New York on

i have 2 children that did this with some foods--mstly red around the mouth and cheeks-anywhere the food touched but did not seem to itch or bother them. it happened with sweet and sour sauce for mcnuggets, BBQ sauce, ranch salad dressing some hard margarines stuff like that. i kind of traced it to preservatives in these foods. it may be the same thing. my DR said it was probably just a skin sensitivity and not a food allergy. it seems to have gone away in my oldest son. i would avoid these foods for a while and then try again and see what happens.



answers from New York on

I'm not sure wehre you live, but I take my little guy to Dr SOuthern at Princeton Allergy and Asthma Associates. My son has severe seasonal allergies. Dr. Southern is fantastic with kids. Good luck!




answers from New York on

Tell the pediatrician and get him tested. Egg is in a few vaccines, the flu shot for one.



answers from Buffalo on

Sounds like an egg allergy, stay away from all egg and egg by product, if you need to bake use a vegan egg replacer called Ener-G it is a poweder you mix with water wisk with a fork til it thickens some then add that mixture just like you would eggs, becareful egg allergies can be reactive by contact as well as if you cook it the proteins can become airborn and he can react. My son has an allergy to egg this is why I know. I also agree see an allergenist NOW!!! confirm it, if you cannot get in right away see your pediatritian today and ask for an allergy panel to be drawn, he will have a blood draw that will tell you all items food and environmental that showed a reaction (poss allergy). Keep benadryl on hand, please keep a close eye on him this can become very dangerous very quikly.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

Allergies can develop suddenly at any time of your life. Take out all common items from when he had the reactions (ie eggs and possibly dairy, depending on how his eggs were fried) and only test them when you have quick access to a doctor.

I would schedule an appointment with an allergist ASAP to have your son tested for an IgE allergy to eggs and possibly dairy. Even if the test produces a negative result ask the doctor if you can do a trial/error test in his office with the eggs and dairy. (You will have your son eat a small amount of eggs in the office or waiting room where the doctor can document your son's reaction to the foods.) Once you figure out what your son is reacting to you can have his diet modified appropriately (ie remove all eggs (or whatever he's reacting to). The sudden onset of the reaction your son is having to whatever it is, points to an allergy that could turn life-threatening at the drop of a coin, so do not play around with "maybe a little won't hurt" until you know for sure what you are dealing with.



answers from New York on

I agree with the previous person about going to the allergist. We took my daughter and they were able to test her for a bunch of things at once with a simple prick test and observation (she played while they performed the tests).

The one common ingredient in a fried egg and cupcakes is the egg. I would definitely have him tested for an egg allergy, as well as any other food you have suscipisions about.

I don't know where you are located, but Dr. Skolnick, with Princeton Allergy, specializes in children's food allergies. They have offices in Flemington, Princeton, West Windsor, Bordentown, and I think a few others.

Good luck.



answers from New York on

Maybe he has an egg allergy...has he ever really eaten eggs or foods with eggs in it? I know eggs are one of the "top" allergy foods and our pediatrician said not to give our son them until he was two. He's 2yrs 3 months now. Why do you think its milk? He's had milk with no problems. He was eating an egg and a cupcake made with eggs. I'd lean toward eggs before milk.



answers from Utica on

Food allergies are different with different people.
All my kids had food allergies. Depending on what they are allergic to it shows up at different times.
Since it was a rash, and not on the mouth, chin, cheeks, I would be more inclined to say it was tactile.
Only one of my 4 had tactile food allergies, and they were usually from drooling and right where the food dripped the rash developed fast like that.
Did you have thoughts of food allergies before this situation? From a caregiver point of view it is better to be safe than sorry. Were there nuts or honey in the cupcakes? Both of those, you don't give littler children so are apt to appear out of no where so to speak.
I would not worry about an isolated situation, or an off hand comment. Perhaps she knew there were possibly a known hyper allergen in them.
Just a thought.
God bless you
Let me know what happens.
K. --- SAHM married 38 years --- adult children 37, nearly died of milk allergy at 3 mo, more trouble with airborne allergens than foods; 33, allergic to milk, wheat, corn, and lacks an enzyme for table sugar, we called it an allergy too, bee stings; twins 18, milk, wheat, corn, and airborne allergens as well, one nearly died of the wheat allergen at 12(they always say possible celiac disease).

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