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Updated on December 08, 2014
S.C. asks from Holmdel, NJ
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I wasn't specific in my other question what I meant was could she be allergic to Tue alimentum formula is this why her butt could be so raw and diarrhea and why the butt rawness won't respond to any meds

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answers from Boston on

Instead of posting a separate question, go back and put the info in your original question, either by adding it to the main post or putting in the "So What Happened" section. You'll get more informed responses on the first post (better for you), and you won't make people go back and forth to figure out what you're talking about (better for us).

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answers from Springfield on

Diarrhea will cause a very raw, sore butt. My son had toddler diarrhea (that is fairly common and just had to work itself out), and our ped recommended Paladin. It worked like a charm! I wasn't sure where it was in the store (it wasn't with the baby creams), so I asked the pharmacist to show me.

Can't help with the formula. My boys did just fine on breast milk and later the regular formula.

Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

Dr. Smiths diaper cream is a great product. My son's butt was so sensitive he could go from baby smooth to bleeding rash in one diaper.

I would buy an over the counter anti-fungal cream for athletes foot and put that on first and then literally paint his butt in a thick, very thick coat of Dr. Smith's. It is a white and think cream.

Destin broke my son's butt out in hives and he ended up with a MRSA infection (a huge boil) that had to be lanced and drained.

I even made my own diaper wipes...cut a roll of super soft cotton paper towels in half put them in a plastic container with 2 cups of distilled water, a couple tablespoons of baby wash, a tablespoon of baby oil, and three drops of tea tree oil. (mix all the wet ingredients well before pouring over paper towels). Cut an "x" in the lid of the container and pulled the towels through.

And yes, the formula could be the problem. One of my friends ended up on Good Hearts or something like that formula because it is already partly digested. One friend rice formula. another friend was trial and error.

Oh and don't let the breastfeeding comments get to you!! As long as the baby is fed it is all good. I had breastfeeding mom friends with kids who were allergic to things they were eating and it took them trial and error to cut stuff out of their diets.

Good luck!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Yes. Sometimes it takes months to find the right formula. There are many different reactions that an infant can have to formula. I'm glad you changed docs and I hope you have one now that is knowledgeable and can find just the right food for her.

For the rash on her butt try dabbing it with antacid that you drink when you have acid indigestion. If you do this use a small bowl and some cotton balls. Then toss what you don't use in the

This worked on a couple of infants we had in my child care center. They were squirting what I guess was stomach acid. The antacid helped the acid go away.



answers from Boise on

It could be a systemic fungal infection, which in itself would cause a raw butt. Or, a food allergy OR a bacterial gut infection...which would cause the diarrhea -and then it would be the stomach acid in the diarrhea that is burning the tissues on the bum. Long term diarrhea can cause a depletion of potassium. Do you have a quality juicer? Charlotte Gerson says you can feed babies raw pressed carrot/apple juice. If you are breast feeding it would be awesome for you too. Carrots are high in protein but loaded with good things to heal the gut.

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