Food Allergies in Newborns (12 Weeks)

Updated on December 08, 2008
K.L. asks from Leesburg, VA
4 answers

Baby STill has blood in stool after omitting dairy/soy/nuts from my diet! Though I did not omit soy oil per Dr. What else could it most likely be? Wheat? Should I omit all products with flour as an ingedient? Should I omit all products made on equipment that also was used on milk/nuts/soy products? I know he is allergic to walnuts, and really think milk. Dont think eggs. Because he will scream while breast feeding after I eat those things.

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answers from Dover on

Hi K., It took 3 weeks for the dairy and soy to work it's way out of my baby and my systems. I also read ingredient labels obsessively now. There are so many hidden ingredients in everything. My daughter is ok with soybean oil and soy lecithin. I would check out the website the other mom recommended. I kept a list of the allergens in my purse until I learned them. It is hard on my daughter and I both but I love breastfeeding. If you want to keep doing it then I have faith that you will figure it out. Plus I think that if my daughter has these allergies now then I want to give the best chance possible to beat them and I believe breastfeeding will do that. She is doing great now though so keep up the good work and good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I would talk to the ped. or allergist about running some more tests to make sure that everything is still okay.

I would also consider changing the baby from breatfeeding over to a specialty formula. Gentelesse, or Alumentum (sp?). Ask your pediatrition. Since you know your baby has allergies, but your not sure of all of them, and is having MAJOR symptoms, I would take your breast milk out of the equation.

It could be something non food related, a medicine your taking, a certain soap, lotion, etc. that is contributing.




answers from Richmond on

Hi, my oldest (now 2yrs. 4 mos.) was diagnosed with a milk allergy at 4 months and has since developed 7 additional food allergies. I don't know the full story of your baby's difficulties but I can offer some general advice. If you are eating products with (whey, butter, lactate or other milk derivatives or even BEEF), your baby may be reacting to those items. It can take 4 weeks or more for your body and your baby's to eliminate the remnants of dairy products because they are stored in fat cells. The food allergy network ( has a great website with a list of the "hidden" names of food allergens. This site also has great links to other resources for more help. There are 8 foods that cause about 90% of all food allergy reactions, see the full list on the website. As I've stumbled through the allergy world, I've learned about my allergy history and my husband's (he has none)& how this impacts our children's allergies and I would recommend knowing your history of food allergies/intolerances or other childhood allergies. Gluten intolerance can also create blood in the stool. There's a great article in Parents magazine, December 2008, about celiac disease "when bread is the enemy", with resources and an explanation of symptoms.
A visit with an allergist could also provide additional expertise to help you and your baby.

I hope you find the source of your baby's discomfort! We've definitely been there and are still making dietary adjustments all the time to keep our oldest healthy.



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For how many weeks have the allergens been out of your system? It takes several weeks for them to clear.

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