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Updated on November 26, 2006
J.A. asks from Overland Park, KS
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Hello! My sister, who lives in San Diego, is a surrogate for my husband and myself. She is currently 19 weeks pregnant with our twin boys! She's been so incredibly great and we'll never be able to repay her for her selflessness.

My husband and I are starting to think about how we want to go about bringing our boys back to Overland Park once they are born (they will be born in San Diego). Our first choice is to fly as opposed to a 2-3 day car ride. If we do decided to fly, we'll go with Southwest whose policy is the babies must be 7 days old. We're going to talk to our pediatrician about this before we make our decision.

Has anyone flown on an airplane with a newborn? If so, can you tell me how it went?

Thank you,

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answers from Kansas City on

We flew with our oldest at 1 month and he was fine. The biggest thing our pediatrician told me we to make sure his was sucking at take-off and landing (either eating or pacifier). That kept his ears from popping and let him have a smooth ride. Hope that helps. Good luck with those wonderful blessings!



answers from Kansas City on

I flew from Florida to KC with my son when he was exactly 5 weeks old. I was a nursing mom, and had a bottle pumped. The second that the plane started to taxi, I gave him the bottle. He slept the entire flight, and drive to my house. We intentionally tried to keep him up a bit more during the day and at that age, their tendency is to sleep anyway. A great thing about Southwest is that they have open seating and you'll be able to pre-board. I sat in one of the first few rows and was one of the first few off. I will say this though, when I arrived in KC the wheel on my stroller was damaged. I was informed they were not liable for damage since it was considered "improperly packed".
Congratulations on your wonderful news and good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We flew with our son when he was five weeks old... he too slept the whole way. Of course, I was FREAKING out thinking that because he was sleeping and not sucking on his nook that his eardrums would explode. It didnt happen.

This is the easiest time to travel with children... they dont have to get up or be entertained... just let the little ones sleep.

Good Luck!
Happy Thanksgiving!!



answers from Kansas City on

I haven't flown with a newborn. At that age, they do pretty much sleep the whole time, but flying is hard just because of all of the dragging around of your stuff, getting to the gates, etc. I would check everything but the diaper bags (pack extra in case you get delayed), use ergo carriers to strap them to your chest, have bottles ready to go, and try to get nonstop flights. It seems like it would be easier if your sister came to have them here. I guess carrying twins, maybe not. Good luck!

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