Flying with a 15 Month Old - Redlands,CA

Updated on April 23, 2008
J.B. asks from Redlands, CA
4 answers

in june my husband and i will be flying to michigan with our daughter who will be 15mo when we leave. she has flown before and did great (at 8mo) but it was only a 2 1/2 hour flight. we will be flying for 7 hours this time. my question is what are good things to bring to enterian her with? what are your favorite toys to bring for long trips? i want something that isnt too noisey (just to be respectful to other flyers) any and all advice is great! thank you!

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kid music & books on cd's-she can use a head phone at low volume



answers from Los Angeles on

post-it notes, color wonder coloring books, travel connect four game (under adult supervision of course, but this kept my DD busy for hours when we flew to Hawaii, she was about a year-old), magnetic puzzles (expensive) and lots and lots of snacks. Hope that helps.




answers from Los Angeles on

We travel to Nepal each year and the kids come along. Its a 17 hour flight just to Bangkok... We bring tons of snacks and along with a few new toys, good ol' standbys. This year, Bodhil Sky loved his glow-worm, which plays soothing songs and lights up in a gentle manner.

Crayons and crafting stuff always works well for us.

Be careful when you bring drinks (like juice boxes)-- we once opened one for our daughter and because of the pressure changes it squirted on the passengers in front of us. We were super apologetic; fortunately they were cool about it. "I have a couple of my own at home," the man said, laughing... :-) I was glad I didn't have to replace an expensive suit or dress!



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We bring my laptop--which granted the battery life is only 2 hours--but he got to play games on it. Also a portable DVD player b/c I think the battery life is longer. I also went to the cheap toy section and bought a bunch of new stuff---like Color Wonder that only colors on the paper, some new stuffed friends, enough that I could bring out a new small thing like every 1/2 hour or 45 minutes.

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