Flying with a 1 Yr Old

Updated on June 08, 2006
S. asks from Lakeland, FL
5 answers

We are taking a trip to NY next month. We have a NS flight that will last about 2.5 - 3 hrs. Does anyone have any advice on flying with a 1 yr old?

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answers from Johnson City on

We flew with our 10 month old last year to Maine. Our peditrician suggested giving our daughter a dose of infant benedryl about an hour before the flight. We tried flying the first leg with out it, and regretted it. With its aid it made the trip much more enjoyable for all. If your child uses a pacifier, I would recommend that as well as it serves the same purpose as you and I chewing gum during take off and landing. I hope this helps.



answers from Lakeland on

try to skip nap time that day so that your child will sleep during flight. Bring portable DVD player and play favorite show on it. PRAY
good luck!



answers from Lakeland on

My daughter and I have flown many times since she was 3 months old. If at all possible, go when you know they will be tired. My daughter slept through most of the flights, when she was awake, I had picture books. Also, Jetblue is a very good airline, the tv in the headrest was great (even though she could not hear it).
Also, the only other thing I would recommend, changing a diaper in the restrooms is Incredibly difficult. I always change my aughter about 10 minutes before we board, even if I'm not sure she is wet.
I hope this helps!



answers from Tampa on

S. - As long as your child isn't sick they should be fine. The main cause of fussy kids on planes is when they're sick the pressure in the plane from taking off, landing & changing altitudes really hurts their little ears, so they cry b/c of the pain. Warm wash cloths on their ears should help (the flight attendants can get these for you if you ask), along with having your child suck on a pacifier, bottle or chewing food. Having a direct flight is the best. Your child will have so much fun looking at all the people and all the excitement will probably cause them to fall asleep abt half-way into the flight. Bring favorite sleeping toys/stuffed animlas/blanket with you on the plane as well as snacks. I also let my daughter walk up & down the aisle after the seat-belt sign is turned off. Also, make friends with the flight attendants b/c they can really help you out if you need it. Try to relax before & during the trip b/c your child will pick up on your anxiety. Best of luck!



answers from Orlando on

give the 1 year old a bottle when you are taking off and and landing. a pacifier is good also. they just need to suck so there ears don't pop. we are also going up to ny on 5-10 what part of ny are you going to?

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