Flying with 15 Month Old

Updated on July 12, 2007
R.L. asks from New London, CT
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Hi. My mom is taking my 15 month old to Florida on Friday. There wasn't enough money for me and her father to go. I don't think my mom realizes what she is getting into! Does anyone have any suggestions I can give her to help keep my daughter occupied and happy on the 3 hour flight? Also, she just had tubes put in her ears. Her doc says she's fine to fly, but has anyone had any bad experiences with kids flying with tubes in their ears?

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We flew a couple times with our son. The first when he was about 13 months. The best advice I was given and used was to install the carseat on the plane. By putting our son in his carseat it made him feel like he was on a car ride and he knew that he had to sit still. At one point we were delayed on the runway for 2 1/2 hours then in the air for another 3. I know if we did not have the carseat he would of wanted to get up and move around. Of course have all the games and toys etc. to entertain. Carrying the carseat was a bit of a pain but definitely well worth it. My sister in law has tried flying with and without the carseat and she said with was definitely the way to go. Without the carseat her daughter kept wanting to get up and she spent the whole flight trying to keep her in her seat. If you do bring the carseat make sure it is approved for aviation use. It should state on the side sticker, most are.



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Tell your mom to bring along a wet washcloth it will not only keep your little one bisy aswell as cool and its great for teething.



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Didn't she raise you



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all i can recomend is a red eye. that way your daughter will mostlikely sleep the whole way. i wish grams luck, and you both a happy vaca from baby.




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I second the notion for the tylenol. When my oldest was 6-7 months, we flew from NY to AR (7 hours total and 2 flights) and found it really helped soothe him. I also carried pretzel stick when are good to suck on instead of filling his belly with juice. As great as juice is to help them swallow and pop their ears, it fills them up quick and with the motion of the plane and god forbid any turblance, 'what goes down, must come up'! If you little girl is weaned of a passi, great, but if not, that will also help a lot with her ears. You can also try using ear wax (the kind for swimming). The wax will block out a lot of the noice from take off and landing, as well as help with any pressure issues.

Also as much as you would like to take a huge diaper bag with everything in it, don't. You should only pack enough diapers for the trip...if only 3 hours maybe 5-6 at the most, and just the necessary's.

Also if you want to get creative, get a little cheap tape player and record her a few of her favorite songs, maybe with your voice saying a couple of things in between them. Is this her first REAL trip away from you? If so it may help her stay calm being confined to a small seat, especially if you mom is holding her in her lap.


A big safey thing to consider is take a picture of your little girl before you leave the house that SAME morning and print out a couple of copies, Maybe even half a dozen. Keep one with you, and then give the rest to your mom. Make sure they are in an available spot at all times. God forbid if anything happens in the airport, it is advised to have a current picture of your little girl (especially if taken that day-you have her wearing the same clothes and everything) so that the picture may be passed around easily and quickly for everyone to be on the look out. If you have the picture available immediately, some airports can scan the image and put it up on the teleprompters as an Amber Alert. Another suggestion (and yes it sounds rediculas but it works) is to dress you little mobile darlin is flamboyant clothing such as neon green, bright yellow, something eye catching. With a toddler, she is probably going to get fussy at some point and will try to run away. This will help you spot her more easily if she escapes.



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Hi, I'm 20yrs old and have flown a lot with my daugter. All I can say is be extremely organized, have snacks in prepared individual containers, enough diapers,maybe a couple extra, books, toys, anything that will keep your child happy or from crying because sometimes people don't appreciate that. I have flown about 18 times alone with my 18 month baby girl since she was born and I have it down to an art now but in the beginning I was a wreck. Also a cheap umbrella stroller would be great to have, cheap because sometimes airport destroy them. I also have everything really organized so that going through security is easy. Think slip-on shoes and everything liquid, paste,gel,etc. already in the mini zipp lock bags. Remeber no liquids until after going through security. I don't bring any drinks or anything and then just buy it at the airport. Also I give my daugter a little children's tylenol before we take off, about half an hour early to help with her hears and have her drink during take off which helps too.Remember to arrive early and have photo I.D.s.Most of the time that I have flown people have been very helpful and understanding of flying with a child but once or twice I had a bad response. If you have any other questions just ask, I'm happy to answer what I can. Good Luck!

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