Flying Solo with a Toddler

Updated on March 15, 2010
C.D. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I am getting ready to fly across the country with my daughter who will be 18 months. We've made the journey twice before but my husband was with us. This time she will have her own seat which means that we have to bring a carseat. It's not the actual flight I'm that concerned with (although it will be almost 5 hours in the air) it's the hauling everything through the airport and security. I was thinking about bringing my travel system since I will need a stroller once we get there, but my daughter has been forward facing for a while now and i'm not sure about going back to a rear facing carseat. Any advice or tips for a mom traveling by herself with a VERY active daughter?

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answers from Biloxi on

I have flown solo with three kids. That was fun. My kids slept most of the flight. I only brought an umbrella stroller and a backpack with snacks and games for the kids. Neither of the carseats that I had were FAA approved. My youngest child was 21 months old when we took that trip and she was able to sit in my lap. Most airlines allow children up to 2 yrs old be lap children. This might be an option for you and you might save money that way as well. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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answers from New York on

Hi C.,
I've flown many, many times across the country with my son when he was a busy toddler and never had a problem. I did bring his convertible carseat with me on the plane because he was WAY too big for his rear-facing bucket seat. Plus it is much easier to install a forward-facing seat in the airplane seat than the rear-facing seat, and since you'll be alone, you want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Definitely bring her carseat on board the plane. She'll know it is a safe place to sit and it will give you the security that she won't be moving around possibly unbuckled throughout the flight. Don't feel the urge to board the plane early - wait until the last minute and give your daughter plenty of time to run around the terminal and burn off some energy. Find a cheap umbrella stroller and gate-check it. Strollers are not covered under the airline luggage insurance policy and if your stroller is damaged in-flight, the airline does not have to reimburse you for the damage. I learned this the hard way when American Airlines absolutely destroyed the sunshade on my brand-new Maclaren stroller. And bring enough small toys, books and fun activities to keep her busy in-flight. Pack lightly so you aren't struggling through the airport with a lot of unneeded stuff.

Most of all, don't stress or worry! Kids pick up on how their parents are feeling and if you are stressed, your daughter will likely be as well. Have a great trip!!

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answers from San Antonio on

I asked a similar question just a few weeks ago, you could read my archives. I think I titled it "Flying with toddler". Lucky you have a carseat to strap her in. Since I am flying by myself also, I chose not to bring it. If my son were less than 2, I would just carry him on my lap. When he was 1 yr he slept in my arms the whole flight. Is this a choice for you? This flight, he'll be 2 so he has to have his own seat. I am bringing an umbrella stroller an a carry-on bag only. I looked at at a few carriers/straps for carrying car seats, especially in the airport. I read reviews, but then just decided to try to strap him into the airplane seat. I hope he'll nap and I will hold his head up the 3 hour trip. (I haven't taken the trip yet). But some things on my list to bring (not my whole list, but some):
- a balloon or two (to play with in the airport, get her to run around and get tired)
- Birth certificate (to verify her age)
- DVD player with headphones that she'll wear (charge the battery! Bring her fav movies!)
- her favorite treats/snacks to lure her to you if she runs off from you. My son will do anything I ask for a lolipop or for Smarties or for fruit chews. I'm bringing all of these!
- little gifts for the flight. Every 1/2 hour she's a good girl, let her open a new gift.
- I read another suggestion to bring Hersheys Kisses to other passengers on the plane, to kind of have a little peace offering if your daughter's too loud

And as far as the travel system goes, before you lug that huge thing around, see if she'll even sit in it. If she won't then you'll have too much stuff and won't be able to watch her. Just imagine what you can handle with HER hand in one of yours, your carryon bag on your shoulder, and one other hand for your car seat.

Good luck.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I did A LOT of flying with my first daughter. I would say take your stroller or even a smaller one, but have your husband rig it so that you can hook your daughters normal carseat to it at the back--bungee cords or something. There was no way that my daughter could fit in her travel system carseat when she was 18 mos. and she was a little thing. They will be able to put the stroller under the plane after you board.

Take everything in a backpack that you can wear to leave your arms free--so much easier than a diaper bag and lots of convenient pockets.

Finally, if you are not opposed, I always found it very helpful to have a child harness for my daughter. I couldn't lose her and she had a little freedom while waiting in the airport. GREAT for peace of mind!

Remember to have lots of different little snacks, get a bottle of juice or water for her in the airport--she'll think its neat to get her own little something. You can always pour it into her own cup. Don't forget her "lovey" if she has one or pacifier if she still has it. AND give yourself planty of time! Nothing worse than having a boat load of stuff to haul and having to rush. Get to the airport earlier if you can.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi. I've traveled many times with my son, solo. It can be difficult getting through the airport, but I have found that many people (other passengers, security personnel, and airline personnel) can be very helpful when you have your hands full. When my son was your daughter's age, I would bring his car seat, diaper bag, umbrella stroller, and my carry-on. If your car seat is airline approved, then I would definitely recommend bringing it because your child is comfortable with it and will hopefully sleep on the plane. I've travelled with AND without a car seat when he was that age, and definitely WITH is better. It's bulky and hard to carry, so I purchased those metal luggage wheels at a place that sells suitcases (not very expensive at all). I attached the car seat and could easily wheel it around the airport. Of course they don't fit down the airplane aisle, so you'll need to remove the car seat before getting on the plane. If you are traveling any other airline besides Southwest Airlines, you will be one of the first people to pre-board since you're traveling with your daughter - that should make things very easy. You can take your time getting down the aisle, stowing your items, and getting your daughter's car seat set up. That's about all I have to offer. Good luck with your travels.



answers from Tucson on

I strongly recommend using the seat on the plane, rather than checking it. We flew last spring w/ our then 29 mos old in his carseat, and another girl the same age as him was sitting in front of him, no carseat. Of course, that small, the plane's lap belt does not keep them in place....the little girl was climbing all over her parents, climbing over the seat backs, crawling under the seats, her parents spent the whole flight trying to get her to stay in her seat. DS was strapped into his carseat, couldn't go anywhere, and since he's used to it from the car, he was happy to read & play, and then fall asleep. Most littler kids will be more comfortable in a familiar carseat. Double check that yours has either FAA stickers on the seat or a section in the manual that says it is FAA approved, and be prepared to show airlines personnel if they ask. If she can still fit the infant seat, I'd use the travel system, absolutely!

If she fits in the infant seat yet, (at least 1" of hard shell above the top of her head, AND under the weight limit), then she really should be rearfacing anyway. Even a big 18 mos old is not very safe FF - their heads way so much more proportionate to their bodies, and their neck bones are not fused yet, so their necks stretch out too far in a forward facing accident which can cause severe damage to their spinal cord.
Google joel's story, internal decapitation, and extended rear-facing for info if you'd like to keep your daughter safe in the car.



answers from Los Angeles on

I think I responded to a questions similiar a few weeks ago. My husband and I have traveled with our 14 month old and 3 1/2 year old since the older one was 6 months. Don't bring a carseat if you don't need to. It is unnecessary on the plane and inconvient in lugging around. Like the posting below, bring an umbrella stroller which is much lighter and easier to carry when needed and a diaper bag or backpack. Backpacks have always worked great for us and you can fit a lot in. Bring snacks, toys(a few that the child will enjoy), and of course essentials like diapers,wipes, infant tylenol.



answers from Phoenix on

I did the same thing with my son last fall when he was 18 months old. I had so much anxiety being on a plane with him alone for 4+ hours I couldn't eat breakfast that morning. It all was ok though. He had his own seat and I brought the DVD player and lots of snacks. I knew it would take me longer to do everything as it was just me with all our stuff that I gave myself lots of extra time. I took the stroller just so I could put his car seat (forward facing) on it an not have to carry it. (My son likes to walk so I figured he would be too excited to sit in a stoller). You could try the strap on luggage wheels for the seat too. Plus I could put stuff in the basket below and hang stuff from the handle if I needed to. I went through security knowing I would be slow and figured the people behind would just have to deal with it. I stayed relaxed so my son wouldn't get scared. I checked the stroller at the gate. When it was time to get on the plan I asked a flight attendent to carry either my son or his car seat to our seat because I couldn't handle both down that skinny isle. There were some rough moments during the flight but all in all everything was ok. Relax. Have fun. And enjoy your trip.



answers from Los Angeles on

I regularly travel domestically and internationally with two toddlers and no other adult. To add to much good advice already posted:

make sure that, if you bring a car seat on board, that the car seat fits in the aisle. On one of my trips, to my chagrin, I discovered that although the car seat was "approved" for airlines, it did not fit in the aisle. Boarding the plane that time was a nightmare for the flight attendants and me and delayed departure! I recommend checking the car seat(s) at baggage check in if you do not have to bring a carseat aboard. I now take an umbrella stroller to the plane. The car seat, with everything else, is too much to handle. Also, put valuables like your credit cards and cash in a travel pouch that goes around your neck or waist. That way, if you take your toddler to the lavatory during the flight, you don't have to lug a bunch of stuff to the lav with you or risk someone stealing your valuables while you are in the lav. (My husband's laptop was stolen on one transatlantic flight. He left the laptop in the overhead bin and fell asleep.)

Best wishes,


answers from Kalamazoo on

Buy yourself a good backpack to use instead of a diaper bag and purse. It frees up your hands.



answers from Tucson on

I would get a set of GoGo Babyz wheels. Its sort of like luggage wheels that attach to the carseat itself, turning it into a stroller. Then you can check the travel system stroller and pick it up at baggage claim so you don't have to lug it all around the airport in addition to the carseat. I fly alone with my daughter often (hubby is deployed a lot) and have found this to be much easier. They're about $80 on either Amazon or Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Bring the stroller and check her regular car seat as baggage. She isn't required to sit in her car seat on the plane. If you check her car seat, you can just load all your carry-ons, diaper bag, etc on the stroller and roll right to the plane. They'll let you leave the stroller on the jet way, and stow it for you. Then, when you get to your destination, the stroller will be waiting, and you'll just get the car seat at baggage claim.

I've tried flying with the car seat and honestly, it's a PAIN to have to try to lug it around the airport! I've even gone as far as ditching the big stroller for an umbrella, just to not have to keep up with so much stuff.

Good luck, and good trip!



answers from Phoenix on

If your travel system has a carrier-style carseat, your daughter is probably too big for it. Before you put her in something you don't normally use anymore just for the convenience, I'd check the height/weight maximums so she's safe when you arrive. They do make travel bags, with and without wheels, for convertible carseats that are quite affordable. I got one at Babies R Us for about $30 that has back-pack straps and wheels.
Personally, I'd take a small, easy to handle umbrella stroller that you can gate-check and put her current carseat in a travel bag that you can either have her sit in on the airplane or check along with any other baggage you bring so you have less to carry through the airport. Good luck!



answers from Flagstaff on

One Step Ahead sells an attachment that hooks on to your carseat. It turns a regular carseat into a stroller. I'm not sure how much it costs, but you might want to look into it. They're on the web at



answers from Phoenix on

I would definitely go with the GoGoKidz attachment. It allows you to wheel your daughter in her carseat through the airport. Incredibly useful. And I would just buy a cheap umbrella stroller at the other end. You can get one for about $15 at a drug store. That way if you want to bring it back with you it won't be too upsetting when the airline damages it.



answers from Phoenix on

The airlines are very strict about not letting you use car seats that are not airline approved. If you can rent or borrow one at your destination, it will make it easier for you. I would not put her back into a rear facing seat if her legs are long enough to reach out of the car seat, as this would cause serious injury in a car accident.
When we flew with our daughters, I attached a few toys to a long piece of 1" ribbon, that way if they dropped them, they didn't go rolling down the isle. The more things you have for to do the better, as she won't have a long attention span. Movies, coloring books, a new stuffed animal and snacks all worked well for us.



answers from Albuquerque on

I traveled with my son at that age. I was nervous, but the trip went very well. I found some tips online by searching "traveling on plane with toddler".
First of all, I took a cheap stroller with me (good thing cause they broke it, so be prepared for that). Keep her out of the stroller when you get to the gate so she can run around before getting on the plane to sit for hours. I didn't take my son's car seat because I didn't want to deal with it, but I did make his wear the seatbelt on the plane. He was more comfortable that way. Sit as far in the back as possible because the noise of the plane drowns out and noise your daughter will make (if she does cry for any reason). The back is usually less full. Both flights with my son, we had the whole aisle to ourselves.
I also went to the dollar store and got cheap toys and books, but didn't let him see them until we got on the plane, so they were new and exciting (make sure to take them out of the packaging). RELAX and know that others understand and have been in your place before. If they don't understand then they are just jerks!!
Make sure to pack an extra set of clothes for you and her because you never know what could happen.
Good luck!!



answers from Denver on

I have been travelling by myself with my son since he was 5 months old (he will be two on the 26th). Something that has helped us as he has gotten older is something called the Gogo Kidz Travelmate. It was a little expensive, $79.99 at Babies R Us, but worth it. You attach it to the car seat, and it turns it into a stroller. You can either detatch it and have the seat on the plane, or check the whole thing at the gate, which is what I do. That way you don't have to mess with a stroller and a car seat, and don't have to worry about renting or finding a different car seat once you arrive. I just flew 18 hours to Saudi Arabia with my son, and he did fine. Books and small toys work great, and he slept a lot of the way. I hope this helps!



answers from Phoenix on

I have traveled with a CARES airline restraint system. You can fine them at It is a 5 point harness that attaches to the airline seat and seatbelt. And it weighs less than a poind and is very small to fit in your diaper bag. So you dont have to carry a heavy car seat, but your child is still safe in case of an emergency and feels like they are in their car seat and less able to climb around the seat. Then, while going through the airport, I put my daughter in an ERGO backpack so even going through security, I didn't have to take her out. Then all I had to carry was her VERY full diaper bag. Good luck traveling!

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