Flying on United in Four Days with a 7 Month Old!

Updated on July 30, 2010
R.W. asks from Tulsa, OK
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I posted a question a couple of weeks ago on the same subject, but I thought that I should ask my question again now that I know specifically that I'm flying on "United"; Tuesday I'm flying out to met my friend and then fly with her to her dad's in Florida. I need some advice as to what to pack and bring for my 7 month old. I have a list of things that I want to take but I know they have a luggage limit as to what you can bring: I'm planning on bringing a suitcase for me and her clothes and then her pack and play (it rolls up into a small duffel bag) and then her car seat and stroller. Someone told me that they will book the stroller at the gate. What about the car seat? I think the pack and play might be able to count as a carry on and then the stroller and suitcase would count as my two luggage's? It just seems pretty hectic to have to be carrying around her car seat, pack and play, along with the diaper bag and hopefully my purse around with me between flights!

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answers from Gainesville on

I know you can take the stroller and car seat right to the door of the plane and then they tag it and take it under for you. I don't believe they count it as your bags. If your purse is small enough stick it in your diaper bag and then you can carry the diaper bag and duffel on.

It's always best to call your airline for their most current info though.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Do you need the car seat? Will you be driving when you get there? If not, I'd just go with the stroller. If you need the car seat, then yes, they will check it and the stroller at the gate and they are counted as "service items" and don't count toward your luggage count.
The Pack & Play is too big to count as a carry on. The stoller doesn't count as a checked bag. Most airlines only let you check one bag for cheap, the next is expensive.
Just call the airline and ask them what each piece counts as and what you should do with them. Some may also count the Pack & Play as a service item, I know some don't.

Another option is to just rent a portable crib or P&P where ever you are going. For that matter, you can rent a car seat as well. You could skip the stroller and just put her in a sling or soft carrier instead.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

Your pack n play will count as luggage, and why lug it through a huge airport? If you can leave that at home, I'd do it. Can you borrow one on the other end or even rent one? I've even known friends (not that I recommend this 8-)) to buy a pack-n-play at Walmart wherever they travel and return it before they go home. I also don't recommend checking your stroller until you are at the plane. It is a little tough to go through security, so bring the smallest stroller you have, not a big bulky one. We use a large umbrella stroller and zip right through. You can hang diaper bags, etc. from the handles or use the basket to carry coats, etc. Also, airlines have been known to destroy strollers checked with your luggage. If you check it plane-side it should be fine. Ditto for the carseat. We always carry our carseat (also the huge britax boulevard) in a zipped bag and check it plane-side. That way we KNOW it won't get lost if we have a connecting flight. Wouldn't it be awful to get to your destination and find out your carseat went somewhere else! I also agree with putting your purse in your suitcase, but keep any valuables in your diaper bag. You can use a small zipper bag to keep your wallet, keys, etc. in one place inside your diaper bag. Have a fun trip!

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answers from Lawton on

We flew Delta but I know that they checked the car seat and stroller for free and didn't count as luggage. You might want to call the airline or check their website for their policy. And I'd check on the pack 'n' play. Because with all the new fees, if it counts as a carry on, you may have to pay for your diaper bag, purse or whatever else you are carrying on board.

I packed 1 diaper for every hour of travel (including layovers), a few extra onesies, some of her favorite snacks, and a couple of small toys she liked. She didn't take a pacifier and was breast fed but I did take a playtex drop in bottle, a few liners and some formula just in case I couldn't feed her when she needed it.

Things went well and smooth for us, hope it goes as well for you.

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answers from Laredo on

I just flew United with my four year old last month. I am pretty sure that they are going to allow you to put the car seat and stroller under the plane. Everything else will count as your carry on luggage.

Good Luck flying, my experience was horrible. I had one layover there and back and both times my first flight was severely delayed to the point that I had to run 90 gates to make my connecting flight in three minutes and one was completely canceled leaving me stuck in an airport with a little one for 8 hours.

Hope your experience is much better.

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answers from Washington DC on

A stroller doesn't count as your "luggage". You can keep that with you until you get to the gate and it is not checked in. The car seat can be taken on the plane with you if it is a flight safe seat , if not you would need to check it in. For your hand luggage , put your wallet and other items such as cell , keys etc into the diaper bag , and any bag that you usually use as your handbag put in your suitcase until you get to your destination , it's alot easier having 1 piece of hand luggage.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Sorry for quick answer;
suitcase and pack and play are checked as your two bags. Carseat is also checked and travels free in cargo for lap infant but if seat bought for child then carseat can go on plane and be used in plane seat. Stroller will be okay to use through out the airport and just needs gay tag which can be obtained at boarding and then drive stroller down boarding terminal and collapse for them to store during flight. Upon exiting plane you should find stroller at same location. Usually have to wait for it so no rush to exit plane.

As for carry ons i'd bring one for you( purse, booksack etc). And then large diaper bag. You can have a quart size clear ziplock filled with liquids less than three ounces in each container BUT check the size on airline website!
As for diaper bag you can have all the liquids you need for baby but any must be sealed closed and not opened prior to go through security. Can open after security. Can gave baby's liquid meds like Tylenol or motrin and these or prescription meds can be opened and reclosed. Have all liquids placed in easy to remove and put back spot in diaper bag as they will be removed for security scan. Also stroller will have to go through security scan so be prepared to collapse and load on belt at scanner. Were easy to slip off and on shoes and do same for child if wearing any as these too go through scanner.

Hope this helps

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answers from Phoenix on

It's a piece of cake to check your stroller and carseat right at the gate (and it won't count against your). In fact, if you ask someone at the counter where you check your other luggage, they'll give you gigantic plastic bags to cover and protect what you end up leaving at the gate. Then it will be waiting for you right where you left it as you disembark. Before you board, though, ask someone if the flight is full. If not, you could request that they put you in a seat with an empty one next to you since you have a baby and don't want to disturb anyone else. Then you can bring the carseat onto the plane with you and buckle it in like you would a car. It's always nice to have that option in case the baby actually decides to take a nap.

Also, be sure to bring a large changing pad since many planes still don't have changing tables and you might end up doing the deed on the dirty floor at the rear of the plane.

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answers from Tampa on

As other posters already mentioned, your stroller does "not count" and is just checked right as you board the plane. And yes, you can take the carseat on if you choose. I never did....mine is really bulky/heavy (Britax Boulevard) and to much to lug around and I just held my son. Just wanted to let you know that if you check your carseat with your luggage, it does "not count" either. I was able to check it along with my two suitcases and it was no additional charge. Just be sure to carry on a change of clothes for both of you..just in case. My son is now 2 1/2 and we flew together five times so far....the easiest flights were when he was your baby's age (the engine normally lulls them to sleep). Good luck.

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answers from Augusta on

In the past when I have flown car seat, stroller, and pack and play were not counted as checked items. However a stroller is a massive pain the butt in the airport. My recommendation as a frequently traveling parent of three would be to check the car seat when you check in along with pack and play and skip the stroller completely and instead bring a sling. If you think you will need the stoller when you get there then check it also but struggling through security with a stroller is terrible-- I have done it both ways and a sling really helps.

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