Fluids in Breast

Updated on December 05, 2009
P.O. asks from Antioch, TN
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Has anyone ever been diagnosed with mastitis and what did they do? My mom has that and have fluid buildup in her breasts and a huge mass that she is worried about, because normally this affects breastfeeding women, but she is over 60, so she is wondering if that could cause it to swell so much. If someone has had this I guess it's the reassurance I'm looking for, not medical advice, because we've been to the doctor.

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answers from Sarasota on

Hi My M. had this also at 40 and the Dr. couldn't get it to go away with treatment so they went in to remove it and found cancer lodged behind the mass. She had to have a masdectomy Don't worry she beat it and lived for 40 years. This was before mammograms. I suggest she request a mammogram.

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answers from Tampa on

Yes, I've suffered greatly with mastitis in the past. Tell her to try shredding raw potatos and then puting the mixture on her breast covered with a warm washcloth. The potato will "pull" the heat out of the breast. Any abscess that comes up, put aloe vera gel (from plant) on it frequently. Warm cabbage leaves also relieve pain when applied to breast. She should also try a massage therapist that does Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Sounds like her lymph glands (in armpits) aren't draining. Stroking down raised arm towards the arm pit then down toward the heart is beneficial. Also ditch the bras. Lastly, take an echinacea/goldenseal tincture (dropper bottle) several times a day if an infection is imminent. Hope that helps.

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answers from Lakeland on

I've had mastitis 3 times but it has always been associated with breastfeeding. But I know that it can occur at any age if the skin of the nipple is cracked, broken or scratched. but it can also be from other lymph nodes swelling and draining to the lymph in the breast.

Have her apply cold cabbage leaves to the affected breast several times a day it reduces swelling and helps promote the draining of infections. Also have her take acidopholous capsules to regain the proper balance of bacteria in her body. She can also take Grapefruit Seed Extreact (GSE) internally - it is a naturally occuring antibiotic, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. She can also apply it topically (but it will itch really terribly so you must dilute it well 2 drops in a 1/4c water is good for a topical wash) White potatoes shredded and applied to the breast also helps. Lay down and cover the breast in the potato and let it sit over night or for at least 30min.

Do not wear a bra while the infection is there! Do not wear tight clothing. And take many hot!!!! showers/baths! And it hurts but try to rub the breast in a circular downward motion to help release the infection.



answers from Jacksonville on

Dear PO,
Sorry to hear about your M.. If the doctors cannot provide you with a medical solution, have you considered a nutition solution?
There are various types of mastitis, I know a few people with similar condition, believe it or not they all got relief through a balanced nutriton solution.
If you are open to information I can share, just let me know.
Best wishes to your M..
I love the philosophy you live by. Right on!



answers from Melbourne on

I was in my 50's and I had a lump in my breast and was referred to a surgeon. I knew what a surgeon would want to do and remembered something I had read. Use warm castor oil paks: that is soak a piece of wool(flannel is best)in castor oil, place on breast over lump, place a piece of plastic wrap over the oil soaked wool, and a heating pad over that for 20 mins.
Also use a hand to stroke outward circles around each breast. 36 circles. There will be a tender spot on each side of the chest towards center. Massage each side. Stroke each arm starting at fingertips down to armpit and to the tender spot on the chest. This is the lymphatic drainage path and will help to rid the body of the gunk build up. Do this every day for a month and see what happens and anytime there is anything abnormal.

I had 10 days till the appointment with the surgeon. I did both the castor oil paks and the energy rubs. He found nothing!!!!
E-mail me if you have questions: ____@____.com

Good luck and God Bless,
PS: Oil of Wild Oregano is the strongest antibiotic there is and will not have the side effects of traditional antibiotics. Also take probiotics daily!!!!



answers from Miami on

If you have already been to the doctor and he/she gave no diagnosis, then try natural/herbal remedies. Please go online and search for results and natural remedies.
One relief for benign conditions (mastitis, muscle or joint aches etc) is a hot compress of Castor Oil.
Blessings, S.



answers from Jacksonville on

I had mastitis when I was breastfeeding and it was quite painful in fact I had flu like symptoms. I had a red swollen painful area of my breast, I put hot compresses on it and they had me on antibiotics. Good luck..



answers from Miami on

My mother didn't have this exactly, but she did get milk bulidup in her breasts a couple years ago. She has had a hysterectomy, and is 50, so it was a shock. She has a pituitary tumor, so it turned out it was causing it. She was told to wear a tight bra, and use hot compresses to ease the discomfort. She was also put on pills to regulate her hormones. After awhile it went away. When I was breastfeeding, I also found that heating pads and gentle massaging helped when I got lumps.



answers from Miami on

I would get her to a specialist immediately. Mastitis is not common in a non-lactating woman. I do not mean to frighten you, but it could be breast cancer and if she were my mother, I'd take her for a second opinion right away.

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