Fluid in My ears...help!

Updated on January 11, 2011
A.M. asks from Lake Wales, FL
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I had a vicious cold back in September/October that turned into a sinus infection, double ear infection and bronchitis. I was treated with antibiotics, steroids and antihistimines. I healed pretty quickly except for that I still have fluid in both of my ears. I can hear it "clicking" and I have definite pressure in my ears. My insurance won't refer me to an ENT for another month. Geesh! Is there anything you all have tried to get rid of this fluid? I know I should wait for the ENT to do something but it's driving me crazy! Any tips or advice? Thanks!

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answers from Tampa on

I went through something very similar, one ear even ended up completely clogging. I went through 7 different prescriptions. The only thing that worked for me was Nasonex, the prescription nose spray. I used it 2 times, twice a day, and my ears cleared up within a week. My ENT said it was the best, and he was right. I can't recommend it enough.



answers from Tallahassee on

Honestly, even though it's not internal, nothing helps my ears like some vinegar. It doesn't feel great, but I just tip my head to the side, wrap a towel around my neck (for the dripping) and dribble in around 1/2 tsp. into my ear canal. I let it sit about ten seconds, then let it drain out completely.

I still get earaches, but this helps more than anything. I use it with my son, too, and it helps.

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answers from Phoenix on

My son has had this ever since his bronchitis!!-
Here is what we have done: Garlic in olive oil/lightly heat up olive oil with garlic..let sit for a few hours and put a few drops in your ears..this keeps it from getting reinfected
*no dairy or milk for awhile
*Chiropractic to help it drain
*Jump up and down for a few minutes, helps your lymph
*If garlic oil does not work, try a few drops of alcohol which dries up fluid...

Good luck! I know your pain, as we have been working on this too!
Anxious to get in, so they can check his ears. Hopefully they will tell me
his fluid is gone :-) I've been working so hard on this!

If you are feeling pain, and they are completely plugged..get right into the
doctor you don't want to rupture you ear drum

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answers from Rochester on

I had an ear infection last spring and retained fluid with some diminished hearing for a while (that stank big time since I have a phone job). My doctor's office had me taking Mucinex and Nasonex in combination to help my eustacian tubes drain naturally. It did help some but took a while. I think there are generic over-the-counter versions of Nasonex (he prescribed that since he said it burned less than the generic and he told me where I could get a coupon), so you might be able to try Mucinex and a nasal spray to help with the drainage. If you are still seeing your primary you could ask them if that might be worth a try and get a prescription, or ask for the over-the-counter name. It can't hurt, especially if it clears you up before your other appointment. The fluid is behind the eardrum, so has to drain out the tubes anyway. By the time I had an appointment with a specialist, they said my ears were clear and they did a hearing test, which ended up perfect. I could have save two co-pays right there. :)

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answers from Boca Raton on

Try hydrogen peroxide. Lay your head down, put a few drops in your ear and keep your head down till the bubbling stops. Then sit up, let it drain, and do the other ear. Try doing it twice a day. Hope you find a solution

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answers from Joplin on

a pharmacist swore by this told my mother about it and i tried it on my son who could never get rid of fluid in his ears..... sweet oil enough to fill ear and cotton ball i let it sit in there for 3o miutes to an hour at a time and it would not hurt you to sleep that way may take it a few times all i know is the next time we were at the doctor she said no fluid...so worth a try,i believe in it.



answers from New York on

I have tried hot olive oil with garlic in it. Heat and test on you hand to see if it is hot but not too hot. Put a few drops in and keep that ear up a few minutes (or put a cotton ball in your ear). I have done this on myself and it feels better at least for a while. I'm not sure it will cure your ongoing problem but the main side effects are grease stains and smelling like pizza so it unlikely to hurt. Even without the oil a heat pack on your ear may make you feel better temporarily (like at bedtime).

My aunt recommended ear candles and says they work on her son. I haven't tried this but you can find them online if you want to get them.



answers from Tampa on

The drugs you used covered up the symptoms, probably the underlying infection is still there- boost your immune system w/ probiotics, for starters.
The clicking- see a chiropractor- sounds as if your mandible and temporal bone are not working properly.
Fix the cause, not the symptoms, and then it will actually be handled.
Best, k


answers from Jacksonville on

Have you tried using Sudafed? Not the over the counter one, but the one that they keep behind the counter now, that you have to sign for? It actually has pseudoephedrine in it. It can help if your ears are stuffed.

My husband had a mild cold that caused his ears to swell and reduce his hearing. It dragged on for over a week AFTER the cold was gone. He is an Air Traffic Controller and cannot work if he cannot hear perfectly... (radio communications with the pilots) so he was using a LOT of sick leave. I don't know how many times he went back to the doctor. Finally, his BIL (nurse practitioner) suggested he try Sudafed. And voila! He could hear again, so long as he was using it. When it wore off, his hearing declined again. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, his hearing slowly improved until he no longer needed the sudafed to have perfect hearing.



answers from Boca Raton on

Your body is screaming out for some help. Sickness is your body's way of telling you something is up.
What are you eating? Sugar weakens the immune system, dairy products cause phlegm and fluid build up, along with allergies, cysts, tumors and all sorts of other ailments.
All that medicine will give you a sort of quick fix but won't address the core issue.
Ginger oil in your ear is fantastic for pain but you need to start eating a clean diet. Fresh whole grains and veg, no dairy, sugar or processed foods. Your system will get cleaned out and you'll feel better for the long term, not just a quick fix.



answers from Dallas on

I had this EXACT thing... the docs had me go thru the same round of treatment.. antibiotics / steriods / antihistimines. The fluid was BEHIND my eardrum and drove me NUTS. I know what you're going thru. Try calling your insurance company and see if you can get to see an ENT sooner. I had to have a Myringotomy which is basically what they do to kids when they put tubes in their ears... only I didn't have the tubes. It was no big deal- the doc numbed the eardrum with some gunk on a q-tip and then just made a little slit in the eardrum and sucked out the fluid. As soon as he did that I went Ahhhhhhh. Sweet relief. Don't wait-- don't stick anything in your ear -- and rupturing the eardrum is a concern. Call the insurance company and go up the food chain until you get someone who will say yes.



answers from San Francisco on

Oh my you poor thing! I've been dealing with this for 2 weeks and feel like a wimp. Just a bad cold for me fortunately no secondary infection. I've tried 2 days of Afrin, heat compresses, hot, cold liquids, massaging my neck where the eustacian tubes are supposed to be my husband is a chiropractor so I'm covered there.... I've also started taking 1 tablespoon of local honey a day because if it doesn't help this I'm hoping it will when allergies come around in a few months. You've already had antihistamines though so you'd want to check with your doctor. Ugh! I do hope we hit on something that works for you! All the best!



answers from Tampa on

I had two clogged ears. The nurse prationer used hydrogen peroxide and baby oil. Not at the same time. Also I used Debroz (for swimmer's ear) sold over the counter twice daily. I used Mucinex D and my antibiotic. After 2-3 months it was gone. But they also flushed out my ears and that helped the most.



answers from Miami on

Maybe try ear candles. You can get them at holistic stores and some health food stores. Someone should assist you in the process. Also why don't you try taking yourself off all dairy products and see if all your symptoms go away miraculously..........



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi dear, I don't like to "hear" non-response from doctors. I keep saline solution (discard after a week) to clear out my sinuses each morning ; and ask at your health food store which product they recommend. Goldenseal and zinc are good herbs for your immune system.
Blessings, S.



answers from Tampa on

Are you sure it's fluid and not your sinus draining in your ears? I have my sinus drain in my ears and it pops and clicks and drives me crazy. The doctor told me to take Zyrtec before bed. It helps. You might want to give it a try. I use the Walmart brand because it saves money. Also the doctor told me to try Mucinex during the day if my ears bother me. It's worth a try.
Good Luck!


answers from Phoenix on

Putting hydrogen peroxide in your ears can acctually help with wax and helps to get out some of the liquid too i think because it always helps my ears feel cleaner put it in ur ears and u will feel it foaming and leave it there for a good 3 or 4 mins before u let it out



answers from Detroit on

You can use standard process spanish black radish supplements. You can call standard process(goggle them) and find someone who sells their product in your area. My sister inlaw had sever hearing loss for 16 years from bad ear infections. the naturalpath she went to gave her this and in 5 or 6 weeks she had her hearing back after 16 years., he said she had a ton ffluid. She was about to get hearing aids it was so bad! incredible! Good luck!



answers from Norfolk on

my dr told me to take mucinex D it's behind the counter with the pharmecist. although i can't tell if it worked as i only took it twice.


answers from Las Vegas on

Oh geez sweetie I hope your eardrum isn't trapping fluid, because it will erupt. I'm serious... my exhusband had this happen to him. The ear drum enlarges because of a cold and the fluid gets trapped behind your ear drum pushing against it and then one day it will "explode".. you'll wake up with puss and blood all over your pillow, go to the doctor, and they'll have to give you ear antibiotics and flush out your ears. My ex said he wouldn't wish it on anyone... it sucked for him. He heard the clicking and the pressure (it was only one ear), everything your describing. There's nothing you can do about it without a doctor sadly because you ear drum is probably enlarged. I HOPE you can get in before it erupts or that maybe it's something else. Do you have a free clinic? You can try those kits at the store that get wax build up or suck out stuff from your ears and maybe it will work.

Good luck hun :)

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