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Updated on October 13, 2011
A.R. asks from Worcester, MA
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its flu shot day!!!! yay!!!!.....ive been waiting for this day for a long time since our pediatrician is always on a wait list to get them...i even got both the kids scheduled for the same day and time....

but now one is sick and shes been running a random fever so she cant get hers.....so i have to reschedule.....for another three weeks....im telling you thing because while i was telling some people (because its just my luck) i was in shock of how many people dont get the flu shot for their kids....especially school aged....

just wondering how common it was for kids not to get it? dont get me wrong my daughter can catch and airbourne illness be it human or not lol so i will be taking her to her new apt but i was kind of in awe with that....

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answers from Seattle on

don't do it, never will. For me or my kids. It's not very effective, can make you sick. Extra vitamin d and chiropractic care for us!

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answers from Dallas on

My boys dont get flu shots, my husband and I dont either. The cons out weight the pros for us. My boys take Immune Support Vitamins and get Local Honey every single morning, also we practice good hygiene and hand wash methods.

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answers from Washington DC on

there is no way that me, or my kids will ever get a flu shot. ever.

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answers from San Antonio on

We do not get my 3.5 yr old a flu shot.
From what I understand, the flu shot is made from last years strand of flu. This years strand of flu may be different. It may be the same. We just don't see the need to get an injection for something that likey won't work anyways. We take or extra vitamin c, wash our hands, etc.

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answers from Dayton on

No flu shots for us!

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answers from Kansas City on

My 'kids' are now 21 and 17. None of us, DH included, have ever had a flu shot. And I am an RN. IF we've ever truly had influenza it has been mild compared to what others have had.

I won't go into my thoughts and feelings about flu shots and the politics around them. But I will say that for MY family, MY many years of experience and research has lead me to believe we don't need them. Now as a nurse I do believe there are some people who truly should get them.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

My daughter is 21 and has never had a flu shot in her life. She has had the flu twice in her life.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband & I have never had flu shots.
My son got them til he was about 3. He's going to be 9.

It's a total gamble on what strain they *think* will be making the rounds this year.
Now, I think the elderly, the very young, health care workers, child care workers, people with compromised immune systems, etc. are smart to get them. But we are a no flu shot family.

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answers from St. Louis on

as a childcare provider, I am required to have one.

My DH had heart surgery a few years ago & is a diabetic. His dr said, "your choice" ...which absolutely shocked me.

The dr also said, "your choice" on my 15 & 24yo sons.

I give up.

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answers from Sherman on

i do not give allot of vacs. in my eyes, my little one is to small to be given so many of them.
but i, for the first time in my life, have begun to get the shots my self (and encourage daddy, Nana, and papa to do the same) so i am less likely to give the bug to her.
she is not school age, and does not attend daycare.

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answers from Victoria on

my kids are still very young and we all get the flu shot. me , hubby , son almost four and daughter almost two. its no biggie for us. but my brothers daughters get no vaccs what so ever. not a one. the mother uses natural oils for them to protect them from getting sick. i freak out and worry that they will get deptheria (sp) or something preventable but totally horrible. there are green vaccs avalible but to each there own.

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answers from Houston on

I've never had the flu shot and I've never had the flu. My dad only gets the flu the years he's gotten the shot. I sort of have in my head that we have this natural immunity to it or something and getting the shot will screw it all up. I know it's not rational, but it's worked so far.

I did get my 1yo the flu shot this year - but I don't know how long I'll be doing that.

I did read that an individual's reaction to the flu virus varies - some get the full blown flu and others don't even notice (but antibodies in their blood indicate they also contracted the virus). I'm sort of hoping I fell into (and my daughter, too) the second group...

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answers from Washington DC on

We typically don't get the flu shot. We've been fine here.

Nicky did get the flu shot when he was a year old because he was born with pneumonia. But only his first two years - after that? nope.

Greg hasn't had one and he's 11 and hasn't had anything more than a cold or bronchitis (once). so we just don't do it.

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answers from Boston on

Mine get there's every year the last 3 years they've gotten it at the end of august/beginning of sept :)



answers from Tallahassee on

I got my flu shot 3-4 weeks ago when I was shopping at Target. State law won't allow pharmacies to give shots to anyone under 18 so I need to make an appointment to take my 5 year old in to get hers. I had the flu several years ago and I was out of work for two weeks. I really can't afford to take that much time off if one of us get sick so we get shots every year.



answers from Boston on

My husband has gotten a flu shot every year for the past several years. He seems incredibly susceptible to the flu and it's not unusual that it turn into pneumonia with him if he doesn't get vaccinated against it. I, on the other hand, don't ever seem to get it so, no, I don't make it a point to get the shot. If I'm at the doctor's during "shot season", she'll almost bar the door and not let me out until I agree to the flu shot (I'm asthmatic & so she's concerned) but other than that, I don't bother.

My husband much prefers that the kids get vaccinated and, since it's a much bigger deal to him than it is to me, I'm OK if he wants to set up the appointment and take them. But, since they've never seemed particularly prone to it, I don't feel a need to see that it's done.



answers from Houston on

We normally don't get the flu shots at our house. Two of my sons have dr appts this month and if they offer them I may have them get the shot, but I'm not making any special appointments just for a flu shot. Maybe it's just the lazy mom in me.


answers from Columbia on

Normal, healthy, non-immunocompromised folks are fine without the flu shot. But the reason that they are recommended is not to keep that healthy person from getting the flu and beating it soundly, it's to prevent those healthy folks from spreading it to an immunocompromised person.

If your child comes into contact with a baby or an elderly person or an otherwise immunocompromised person, you should consider getting them the flu shot.


answers from New York on

We always get our flu shots every year including my 3 1/2 yr old. She has never had a reaction to it. Last year I did get sick from it and its because they added the N1H1 to it. I did not want the N1H1 but had no choice. I have never had a reation to the flu shot until last year. This year they did not add it and I am fine. I got it the day I was discharged from the hospital after having my son. My daughter got hers 2 weeks ago and she is fine.
Alot of ppl do not get the shot. There are so many strands out there that the flu shot doesn't cover them all. So there is a chance that you can get the flu. My husband got his shot last year and in January got the flu. It was one that the shot didn't cover. So it is not set in stone that you will not get the flu cause you got the shot. But atleast you are covered by the one the shot does cover.

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