Flu Shot Side Effects

Updated on April 09, 2012
O.M. asks from Fullerton, CA
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My 3 1/2 year old son got the flu shot in 5 weeks ago. He immediately started stuttering. Prior to the flu shot he was a very verbal fluid speaker. Has anyone had this kind of side effect with the flu shot?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Dear O. m.

This is a very well known side effect of many vaccines. Research came out about 8 years ago from a British study believing that if a child has slight allergies to chicken eggs that this could cause serious flu vaccine side effects such a stuttering. The same study discovered that other children may be sensitive to the mercury (thimerosal) aluminum or formaldehyde. This study was supposed to lead to the removal of the 3 chemicals in vaccines but unfortunate nothing has happened yet. I will look for the study and post it.

Many mothers have used a product called Vaxtox to clear these side effects and for man it has worked. Some children did not clear the side effect entirely but improved greatly. The manufacture of Vaxtox believes if the product is used ASAP after the vaccines that the results would be more successful.

Good Luck

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answers from Los Angeles on

Did the stuttering go away? If so how long did it take?



answers from New York on

i have heard about this. you should call your pediatrician and have them put this on his chart. you never know if you'll need it.


answers from Minneapolis on

Call your pediatrician to report it. Look online too, I can't remember where you are supposed to report vaccine side effects but if you google it I know you can find it.

I'm sorry your son was affected, but spread the word and get it out there what happened, and maybe more people will do some research and will avoid it.



answers from Davenport on

It's common for children to begin to stutter around that age. If you truely believe that it is from the flu shot, I would contact your doctor. Ask the doctor to fill out a VAERS report, even if you and the doctor are unsure if the shot caused it.


answers from Washington DC on

yes, it's one of the side effects that's been showing up in connection with flu shots. i'm sorry that your son is one of the ones affected.

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