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Updated on February 14, 2007
D.D. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

We are planning a trip to West Palm Beach in March. I am looking for a first class hotel/resort/condo. Is there a website to shop for these? Thanks

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So What Happened?

Due to the Spring Break crowd and March being less than a month away, I was not able to find any accomodations at Breakers or any of the other resorts. We decided to stay at the new Hilton on North Beach in Fort Lauderdale instead.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know where you can look but I wanted to say that you will ABSOULTELY LOVE IT. I was born in Florida and still have lots of family there in West Palm Beach.

Have fun and good luck finding the info you are searching for. If I can think of somethink I will definitely keep you posted.




answers from Dallas on

If you're looking for first class resorts, I assume you mean Palm Beach, not West Palm Beach? I'm from South Florida and Palm Beach is definitely nicer and that's where the money is. ( the Kennedy compound is there along w/ the Florida version of Rodeo drive ). I'd go with the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons for a premium resort experience. You can check out the city's website:



answers from Dallas on

Two questions, what price range are you looking for and do you mean Palm Beach or West Palm Beach? I agree with the others that the Breakers is the best but very pricy. I have a sister that lives in West Palm and worked in Palm Beach - I could ask her if you still need some ideas.

Also, if you don't stay at the breakers, you can still go to their Sunday brunch which if I remember correct is $60 a person. It is FABULOUS and worth the money (free champagne and great food - more than you can eat) with a view of the water.



answers from Richmond on

The best resort/Hotel to stay at in West Palm is The Breakers Palm Beach!!!They have extremely kid friendly activities called the coconut crew, the Italian Restaurant where you can eat and watch your kids play in a play room with french doors.
The Hotel is gorgeous! I can't say enough of it!! Great Spa and Golf if you are into it. I would recommend you reserve ASAP!
(I lived in West Palm Beach for six years.)
Have Fun!

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