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Updated on October 01, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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(Visual floaters) I know that they aren't uncommon... and I'm having them occasionally. But I am finding mixed information about whether or not they are cause for some concern. Some sites say that floaters are normal during pregnancy with no mention of other concerns, and other sites relate floaters to hypertension, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. I had pregnancy induced hypertension in my last pregnancy, which progressed to preeclampsia at the very end. So far this pregnancy, everything checks out fine. My blood pressure has been stable and well within the range of normal, even on the lower end of normal with no signs of creeping up. I have my next OB appointment on 10/6, so I will be at the doctor's again in a week and I will ask about it then, but just wondering what you know about floaters during pregnancy.

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answers from Spokane on

I had floaters, but not until a few days before my emergency c-section (at 35 weeks) due to my toxemia.

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answers from Dallas on

I have had 3 kids, no floaters. Now I'm 40 and not pregnant and just got my 1st one a couple months ago. It's crazy annoying. Like you I read up on them and it's supposdely something stuck in the vitreol fluid. Some people tell me thiers have gone away, but mine is still annoying me. From what I read it's no casue for concren unless they spiderweb, you see spots or they get so numerous that it obstructs your vision.

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answers from Cleveland on

I hate when there is all different answer to things like this.
I had them with both my pregnancies. All the drs i went to said it was a BAD thing. But they could never find anything wrong with me. I had a totally healthy pregnancy, both times.
I ended up going to a natural Dr. He did some test and found out my Iron was low. He said that was the cause of my "floaters"

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answers from Minneapolis on

floaters are common pregnant or not. I always have floaters but as long as I don'thave a massive amount come out suddenly then no major concern.

everyone has floaters amost all the time just some are more noticable then others, just like skin shedding of the eye happens. So unless you can't se past your floaters not much to worry about they will eventually sink to where you can not see them.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't think all floaters are from high blood presure. I had preclamsia too and those where bright spots but have floaters some even now and not PG that are not colorful. The bright is what should concern you and you might want to call your dr even before you apt.

Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Denver on

I totally had more floaters. My vision got more blurry too. My doctor said it was normal. My blood pressure was always on the low side, but they were never worried about me. I had a normal, healthy pregnancy.

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answers from Charlotte on

Go to the eye doctor, not just your doctor.

Floaters also happen when people get very old, and they can be very frustrating because they don't go away. (I have a 61 year old friend who has a "blob" in her vision, and she's very upset about it. It will be there the rest of her days and won't be going away.)

The eye doctor can tell you if these floaters are temporary, permanent, no big deal, or an indication of something wrong. Your eyes are precious and I wouldn't see just your OB, though I certainly WOULD make sure you don't have preeclampsia.

Good luck!!!!


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answers from Topeka on

Not only speaking to your OB about this but seeing your eye doctor they can do testing to see if you are in need of glasses a medical concern outside your pregnancy or just normal pregnancy symptom better to play it safe

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answers from Chicago on

I had em during pregnancy - no problems at all.
Turns out I have them permanently now...my vitreous humor is degrading.
The joys of getting older.

Nothing that can be done about it. :(

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The Dean McGee Eye Institute in OKC told me floaters are there usually because the person is not getting enough rest.



answers from Philadelphia on

I've had 5 kids. What the heck are "floaters"? Something to do with a BM? I'm lost! LOL

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Allentown on

Had floaters during both pregnancies. I had low blood pressure and no problems with my son. With my daughter I had polyhydramnios(excess fluid), but it was unexplained and I still had low blood pressure. No other problems unless count hyper-emesis, yuck! But the floaters i never even asked about. I figured it was just another part of pregnancy.


answers from Hartford on

It sounds like an occular migraine. Even if you've never had migraines before, sometimes they can be pregnancy-induced.

In any case you need to talk to your OB/midwife/NP about it.



answers from Lancaster on

I also experienced floaters with my last pregnancy and like you it caused me some concern especially because this did not happen during my other 3 pregnancies. Since all my lab work was "normal" as was my blood pressure, my doctor suggested to increase my fluid/water intake. I did notice a bit of a difference, but it never fully resolved until after I delivered. Best of luck!


answers from Boston on

I had floaters a lot in my 1st pregnancy and my son was born at 34 weeks (dont think I had very good pre-natal care).. and with my second pregnancy no floaters and she was born at term... ask your OB mama! Good luck :)

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