Updated on July 03, 2007
N.O. asks from Park Ridge, IL
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Hi Moms,

Do any of you have suggestions as to dealing with flies in the house? I swear they hover at my doors and zoom in the second they see an opening - I know it's summer and they're part of the season, but they completely gross me out and I'm hoping there's something I can do to maintain them as much as possible...can you put a jar of something out to catch them??? Is there a zapper that works indoors? Just wondering. Happy 4th to you all.


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I used to live in the south, where they are around all year long!!

Hang a plastic see through baggie filled with water in front of your door (classy right?), some how the reflection of the water turns them the other direction, trust me this does work.

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They do have fly paper at Wal-Mart. Its really sticky so put it up away from the kids. Otherwise which I know is work when you see them zap them up with the vacuum hose. Don't leave food out cause they will get on the food and they are dirty and gross.



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I don't remember the name brand, but if you go to Menard's they sell these things that are basically clear bags that get filled with stinky water that attract the flies. We had a problem with flies in our back yard that the exterminator told us was due to the neighbor's yard, so there was nothing we could do about it and recommended these bag things. They smell bad so you want to put them somewhere not by your front door, but they attract the flies, that end up in the bag and can't get out. It is totally gross, I make my husband deal with it, but I swear I haven't seen a fly in our yard since and with the amount of flies in the bags, I am guessing that we are keeping the whole block clear of flies.




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There are lots of remedies, but some have drawbacks!!! So, here is one I use on gnats and flies and mesquitoes! Strange, I know, but someone told me to get a handheld vacuum and vacuum them up! No squashed bugs, no poison or gooey tape!!!! Then you can dispose of them immediately and they do not lie all over the house to be unsanitary!!!!!!! :o) Yes, I'm a bit crazy! XO L.

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