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Updated on December 28, 2012
M.M. asks from Amherst, OH
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I have about $1500 left in my PayFlex medical spending account that I must spend by the end of the year. I'm not sick so no trips to the doctor planned.. Thanks! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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answers from Sioux City on

I have a million things I could spend it on. I need a bridge and glasses so bad. I also need to see a dermatologist about a mole that has grown a bit bigger than what I am comfortable with. I could spend it in a heartbeat!

Man I made myself look like a monster in just a couple of sentences. LOL!

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answers from Seattle on

Some massage places have a punch card type deal you could buy a few of! I agree with glasses, contacts, LASIK too! Or necessities at the drug store.

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answers from Columbia on

You need to check on OTC meds before you go on a spree.... the rules changed for 2012 and TONS of stuff that qualified last year doesn't qualify anymore - unless you have a prescription.

I agree with dentist.... except they can't pre-bill for flex spending.
And the vision or prescription sunglasses.

yes - check and make sure you don't have until March.

Your payflex company should have a list of items that qualify..... or you can check out the IRS site for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses, please go to




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answers from Memphis on

If I had that much left, I would put it toward getting Lasik.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My sister has one of those accounts and what she usually does is go to the drug store and stocks up on all the over the counter medications like Childrens Tylenol, cold medicine, Aspirin and all that stuff. She even bought a really nice, very expensive doctors office type thermometers that you just roll over your child's head, she got one for herself as well as me.

It was pretty cool, it was like a shopping spree, only for medicines! Heck, I think she even got band-aids?!

She also got new glasses and contacts for her family.

The dentist is also a good idea...I know my dentist office would gladly take *early payment* all you would need is go in for your and your kids' x-rays and see if any work needs to get done? or even a good cleaning if you haven't had one this year?

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answers from Orlando on

Oh man... like in 4 days? ........... Do you wear contacts/glasses? Stock up on contacts, and get reimbursed..... Ummm, if you have receipts for over the counter meds you've bought this past year you can turn those in too. That's rough, I know if I don't use it up I lose it! Those are my only thoughts.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Ours gives until March to file claims and OTC stuff (tylenol, bandaids, etc)do NOT qualify without a current prescription (not worth the hassle to me). Do you have anything you've paid for out of pocket over the year? For example, when my husband went to the dentist and forgot his "Benny card" and used our debit card, he paid for prescriptions with debit card, or when you get those odd dr bills ($7.42 for lab work) and wrote out checks? Tally them up, collect your reciepts, and submit a claim. I'd also vote for Lasik!! I usually max my FSA at $500-$750 because we don't really have a lot of medical expenses... of course, this year I had surgery and could've used an extra $1k in there! Ugh.

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answers from Dallas on

Prescription sunglasses?

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answers from San Francisco on

How about the dentist, they can check you out and give you an appointment for next year and charge you ahead of time. They are always happy to take money for nothing!

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answers from Dallas on

I would check and make sure that it is till the end of year. They told us ours was then we found out we had till march.

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answers from Dallas on

Ugh. I am losing at that battle too. I have 500 to spend (I wanted to save it until we were absolutely sure we didn't need it for an emergency!) and I went to Walmart today a bought a bunch of stuff. First Aid kits and such. Good luck. Maybe you could get a blood pressure monitor? It doesn't cost that much, but still...



answers from Chicago on

That is a lot of money! Most plans will let you take up until next April to spend this year's money, so you might want to double check that too.

How about a heart defibrillator? They cost around $1500. I don't know if you need a prescription or if it qualifies for your plan. But you never know when you or someone you love might need one. Plus, you can probably sell it for a pretty penny. Good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

Anyone in your family wear glasses?

Before you panic though check into your plans rules. Most, but not all, give you until March 31st to use the money.

The problem with band aids and over the counter drugs is the new rules require a doctor's note to make them eligible.

Oh if you have until March I would suggest cosmetic dentistry.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I haven't been able to use it for anything OTC this year unless there was a prescription written.

I had laser correction surgery ($1,600) in October and it has been the most wonderful procedure ever. My distance and night vision were fantastic but I couldn't read my phone or computer.


answers from Tampa on

Go to drugstore.com they have a whole section for fsa approved products, I used mine to purchase a Breastpump last year.



answers from Los Angeles on

check to make sure you don't have until march. I have until march 14 to spend the money and June 30th to claim the money (get reimbursed if I pay out of pocket first.) OTC meds DO NOT QULAIFY unless you have your doc write it on their prescription pad. A few years back I had $500 left and I went to the eye dr. and got the most expensive pair of glasses I could get. You can purchase band aids and stock up your first aid kit with ace wraps and such. Check the links a few posts down to see what 100% qualifies and what does not.

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