FLEAS!!! How Do I Get RID of Them!!!

Updated on May 20, 2008
B.W. asks from Canton, OH
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I have a jack russell terrier-wiener dog mix! She has fleas REAL bad. we have bombed the house, cleaned all the rugs, sheets, blankets, bedding. We have boihgt generic and vet flea stuff!! UGH!!! what do i do to get rid of these things!~

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So What Happened?

THANK YOU ALL!!! I Will def be getting some capstar when we get paid!!

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To get them off the dog try front line. Yes it is expensive but it really really works and we only have to give a treatment about every three months. It kills what is on them and any others that hop on after ward. They die with in hours of physical contact with the dog.
As for getting them out of the house, my husbands parents had the same problem and the vet told them to pour salt all over the carpeting and leave it for 24 hours. I know with kids that is next to impossible but if you can go away to visit family over night it would be perfect. The salt kills the fleas that are alive and the eggs they have laid. It really does work. I wish you luck and hope that you give us an update to let us know how it goes!



answers from Canton on

B., I TOTALLY sympathize with you on this. We JUST went thru this, ourselves. And it was a nightmare!! We have 2 cats, both indoor kitties. We just moved in this house in April, so we think the fleas may have been in here already, or possibly brought in from outside, on one of us.
Anyways, I'm not kidding you, we flea bathed them, we did the drops on them, we did the foams, the powders, the sprays, the collars. We bombed. And bombed again. And again. We washed everything (real fun taking all of our laundry to the laundrymat with an infant). We bombed a total of 5 times, and the final time, my husband used TWELVE cans of bomb throughout the entire house, including the basement. Then we locked the cats in the basement.
I can say we have no fleas in the upstairs or main floor of the house anymore. However, I had decided just last night to let the cats come back into the main house, and I found a flea on one of them. ARGH!!!! So we're going to have to, yet again, treat the cats. But she doesn't look infested, as before. I only saw one.
We found out that their eggs hatch every couple of weeks. So we had to bomb, then a couple weeks later, bomb again. The eggs are hidden every where in the house. Make sure to spray the baseboards, under the furniture, anywhere warm and dark.
I hope you can get relief from this soon! I know how frustrating it is. Especially when you have kids. My infant son wasn't bit, but my 6 yr. old was COVERED in flea bites. I felt so badly for him, and was so embarrassed about it. I had to explain it to his teacher (they go swimming at school), so that she knew what was going on. The nurse practitioner my kids sees, said that fleas are especially attracted to kids for some reason.
My feet and ankles were covered, as well. I wish you much luck with this problem!



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B. W.
Mix some BREWERS YEAST in the food. Fleas HATE the smell and it will not harm your animal (CHECK WITH YOUR VET FIRST IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS). It takes a short time for them to emmitt the scent through their skin but the fleas will leave.
It also works on humans, so if you camp alot or just like the out doors but hate the bugs try it.
It works!
Hope this helps.



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Frontline! Always keep them on frontline. The stuff from the grocery store does not work so don't waste your money. Treat the house with flea spray. Then again two weeks later. Put pillows and linens in plastic bags for a few days.



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The only thing that we have ever found that gets rid of fleas is an aerosol can by Vet.Kem. It is a red white and black can with yellow writing. You can put it on the dogs and the carpet, under the couches, everything. I love it. In fact we bought a spray bottle of Siphotrol made by the same company and even it doesn't work as well. Have to get it at the vets I believe. It's a little expensive but does work. Good luck, fleas are miserable, I know myself because I'm the "one household member" they also bite! Hope it helps



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The first thing you have to do is get your dog treated - whether pills, sprays, dips - whatever your vet thinks is best. Then immediately treat your home. The most effective way to treat for fleas is an application called fan spraying. A mist type spray is applied to your home - the spray lingers in the air for about 4 hours - you'll want to leave during that time - the fleas get very agitated because the spray basically sufficated them and will be biting like crazy. Once the spray is dry - wash everything in the hottest water possible and dry thouroughly. If you have a pest control company that services your home - this is generally a covered expense. The cost to have this done is pretty low - it varies based on the size of your home and most services are guarenteed for atleast 30 days I work at Terminix - and this is what we recommend to all our customers w/ flea problems. If you need more info - please - don't hesitate to contact me. We treat sooo many flea customer and most all say the same thing - they should have called us first and saved some money. Because our treatment has a guarentee, they don't pay if a reapplication is needed - versus buying something and treating your home yourself and retreating in 2 weeks or so. Again - let me know if you have any questions. I'm not on this site very often - but you can email me anytime

[email protected]____.com



answers from Mansfield on

Definitely go to your Vet and get CAPSTAR and FRONTLINE! The CAPSTAR pills cost $3 each and FRONTLINE averages between $10 and $15 per application and it lasts a month or longer.I had 8 rescue dachsunds at one time and have battled the flea infestation, and the miracle cure every time was to first give the dogs the CAPSTAR pill which kills all the fleas on them withing 30 minutes of application, then apply the frontline, works like a charm!

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