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Updated on September 05, 2010
L.C. asks from Nevada, TX
5 answers

Does anyone have any home remedies for fleas on the pet?

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Salt & Baking Soda. Mix it half and half and use like carpet freshener. Leave down for 12-24 hours and then vacumn up. Make sure to empty canister or throw bag away immediately. The vibration of the vacumn causes eggs to hatch. This won't protect the dogs, so you should use Frontline in combintation with this treatment. You can use this mixture on furniture and bedding as well.



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One of my clients told me to put banana peels in the grass. We had them bad last year. So I did it and they disolve in the grass after a while. But I put then along the fence line. It worked for me last year. I think I put then out there for at least a month to 3 weeks. I was surprised, but we don't have any this year, so far!! Good Luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

20 MULE TEAM BORAX, you can buy it in the laundry section. IT WORKS FOR YEARS. SPrinkle on your rug, sweep in with a broom then vacuum immmediately. it kills the flea and the egg. it is used by fleabusters. i also sprinkle it on tile then sweep it up and mop it on the floor by making a weak dilution.



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Hi, L.,
Try Seven Dust. You can buy ____@____.com's a powder. Just spray some on the pets (not too much). We have treated the dogs this way. Now I am about to try on the cats as well.

I. - mother of 2-year old baby girl who loves her pets (two cats and two dogs).


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We have 3 dogs, live on a heavily wooded area with lots of wildlife. In seven years, we have had no flea issues. My husband 1. treats our yard regularly (probably more often than norm due to being in woods) 2. sprays around the foundation of the house and any cracks, etc then 3. bomb the house. We do all of this within a day or two of each other except for the bombing which we do about every 6 months or more often if we see bugs around. We have never had a problem with fleas.

Also, I have heard that marigolds repel fleas as well as garlic. Our dogs will eat anything we eat (ha ha) if they can...so I let them have garlic cloves when I cook. I heard that the garlic makes them taste bad to the fleas. Yes, they have garlic breath but I can take that any day over the fleas!

Good luck, Susan

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